Have a happy turkey day!

May your turkey not be sawdust!


and may yours be not pitch dust!!!

Theyre both better than household dust. That stuff is like 98% human skin.

Happy Thanksgiving. :slight_smile:

i guess my analogies are as dry as the turkeys I was hoping nobody would get.

happy turkey day to all and hope everyone has a safe holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

How much does a Thanksgiving dinner cost?

[quote=“G-Tape”]Happy Thanksgiving!!!

How much does a Thanksgiving dinner cost?[/quote]

ask gweedo, he will give you a quote :stuck_out_tongue:

Severance, oh I thought you meant something like I hope you dont have to roof on turkey day.

GTape. I bid 34,000.00. I hope Roofboss doesnt show up for the pre bid on this one. :slight_smile:

raising the curve with $56,350

My wife always did the shopping. This year I did EVERYTHING, from shopping, to prepping, to the cooking. It cost me about $150 for Thanksgiving dinner and like 10 man hours so my roofing prices are going up :smiley:

Happy Thanksgiving , Hope you cook enough Ham so you can get rid of the the dry turkey flavor . :mrgreen:

Let the words dry and Turkey be never spoken in the same sentence again.

Boo to you who over do the gobblers. :frowning:

My turkey came out great. The best I’ve ever done (11 Thanksgivings and 11 Christmas’). I found another blog site for cooking and got some good tips i never knew, such as brining the turkey so it is able to hold more moisture. First year I made my own stuffing, and though I stumbled nervously through it, it was pretty good also. All in all, I rate it a success.