Have asphalt shingles never lasted more than approx 15yrs?

Multiple class action lawsuits have been launched in the past 5 years (IKO, BP, Certainteed, etc.). The suits seek compensation for faulty asphalt shingles. I’m writing an article about this and need to determine the quality of older asphalt shingles–the ones i’m too young to come across anymore. If they were better products, did their respective manufacturers change something in their manufacturing process? Maybe reduce petroleum use during the 90s price spikes?

Any info would be appreciated.

  • Shaun

I have been on roofs that have been well over 20 years old… All depends on what storms have hit that area, are they exposed to direct sunlight ALL day, is the roof constantly hit by wind, etc, etc.

The shingle itself can “last” 20 years and have the crap beat out of it … All depends on what you mean by “last”

Lawsuits for defective products?You have to be more specific as to what your refering to,i gave an estimate on a roof yesterday was 25 years old.It was a 25 year shingle when it was installed and now is being sold as a lifetime shingle, will it last a lifetime?Who knows, whos lifetime?
Warrantys are prorated and written by lawyers to protect manufactures,so sue away.The manufactures based thier warrantys on propertys turning over every seven years as was the average before the housing crash, thus releasing them from any warranty.Fiberglass shingles are a temporary roof covering and are at the bottom of the scale when it comes to roofs.They are a cheap roof with a short term life expectancy.
Then theres hail storms and hurricanes which replace roofs quite frequently freeing them from warranty issues.So how many roofs make it to a claim status is very few and then application and ventilation will come into play, if not done correctly void warranty.

We are replacing a GAF roof this spring installed back in 1 9 7 4 !! This is my record documented length of roof. Prior to this a 27 year old roof .

I have also filed a Warranty Claim on a 4 year old IKO roof, replaced two roofs less than 12 years old. I think 20 years is a good time in Vermont to consider a real inspection on replacement.

In the hot South is another story.