Have four plastic dome skylights, want to replace them


I have four skylights in my home and they are acrylic domes with self-flashing frame. the frame is aluminum, welded and looks good to me. the skylights are about 20 years old. The plastic domes have cracks and I siliconed them temporarily. They don’t leak but I want to replace either the domes or the whole thing…
I need an advice - if the self-flashing part is good and does not leak - can I just replace the domes? What are the chances that skylights will leak because the frame was not replaced?
Another idea I have is I heard the glass is better than a plastic dome. Would it make sense to order a glass instead of the dome and new cap frame and replace only these parts instead of replacing the whole thing with curb-mounted model…
And the last question is - I undertsand that curb-mounted skylight is ‘better’ than self-flashing one but if I did not have problems with it - must I replace it or not?

thanks in advance,
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If it was my father’s house… I would be picking him up some new velux skylights.

Could you slap a new dome on? If you can find the right size and the roofing is done right, maybe.

How much for new ones? How much for domes? How old is the roof?

If you are talking $6,000 -vs $1,000. That one you have to answer

I can find the right size, yes. I have quotes from local suppliers and they say they can replace the dome or even put a glass instead (with the new cap frame)…
the new ones would be 1300-1400 (per one, including labour) and the domes/glass/cap would be 450+250 labour (per one)…
the roof is in a good shape, shingles are maybe 5yrs old…
maybe I should not interfere too much (there are no leaks) and when I will be replacing the shingles redo the skylights…
btw, should I go with glass or acrylic dome? it is so hard to get an answer from local suppliers (they suggest of course whatever they make :slight_smile: )

Go for glass with self flashing

you mean - keep the existing self-flashing frame, right?

Keep the frame but replace metal flashing

I think you should replace the entire unit.

Glass is much better than plastic.

A flush mounted unit with a seperate flashing kit is much better than a self-flashing unit.

I would recomend Velux or Anderson. In that order.

Remove and discard your current skylights.
Get new Velux fixed skylights, what you currently have has a long history of leaking.

[size=150]for the love of god[/size]…do it right. Use velux fixed skylights with new flashing kits!!! throw out that crap. $400ish for new skylights with flashing kit. Plus whatever for labor. Hire a proffesional roofer. Not just some guy with a hammer and a drinking problem.

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The skylights you have on there are the worst type of skylights.
New Velux skylights are the way to go.

wow!! :slight_smile:
I did decided to use Velux after getting some reasonable quotes from local installers (4500 for four of them).
So, I agree there is no point of spending half of that money just to put a glass instead of the dome…
the only thing I don’t like is that the curb-mounted ones are popping up too much from the roof… is it possible to use 2x3 for the curb or this will void the warranty?


Get a FLUSH-MOUNT Velux with a Velux flashing kit.

It is the best way to go.

yes, I am going to… I actually found a nice guy who is going to install them referred from this forum… :slight_smile:

Who would that be? :mrgreen:

i guess you know him :slight_smile: