Having a hard time with adjuster, looking for some advice

I’m working a hail claim and the adjuster is a complete moron. Doesn’t mark out a test square, doesnt measure a single piece of material on the house, doesn’t even have a tape measure. She shows up at the inspection telling me there’s no damage and I’m a fraud. Does a horrible inspection, argues with me throught out the whole inspection. Then gets off the roof and realizes they have aluminum siding and the whole house is a loss. So she tells us that she will pay for the siding and nothing else, I respond with, " I’ll advise the home owner to call for a reinspection". A week Later she calls and says eagleview is down and she can’t get the siding measurements but she has the roof estimate and sends it over, but wants me to send her the siding measurements. So the homeowner sends over my xactimate estimate and tells her this is my contracted price. The adjuster argues that my square is off, and that I was charging twice for dumpsters, and that they weren’t composition shingles, and we didn’t need caulk, and ends up hanging up on the homeowner. I revise a new price, change my sq to match eagleview, remove the 2nd dumpster, and add definitions to the caulk and composition shingles. After sending the revised price she calls back and says she’s not paying for the AC comb or the caulk. I ask her to look at the pictures I sent so that we can come to an agreement and she says she doesn’t have time to look thought 30 or 40 pictures right now and she has to review everything and hangs up on the homeowner again. Homeowner calls the insurance broker complaining that it’s been over 3 weeks and feels the adjuster is stalling. The adjuster calls the homeowner back later that day stating that she has reassigned the loss to someone else “blah,blah,& associates” and they will be coming back out. Looking for professional advice ASAP

4 days and not a single answer? Good work guys!

Gosh, depends on how bad you need the job, and how much raising your blood pressure is worth.
Give 'em a price. Make it a bit high to cover probable hassle. And let them get a second bid if they want.
For a second on site inspection, if they ask, charge the insurance company an up front inspection fee.

Hey Chicago,
I would wait and see what the new adjuster is like, and if they do not assign one by the end of this week call claims department ask for supervisor to help get a new adjuster.

I can help you on this one but I will need some extra background info on the details of the claim that have not been included so far. So it says you are in Chicago is that right? I’m guessing the property in question isn’t Soldier field, so the question is, what is the EXACT city/municipality that you are in? just giving me the zip would suffice. Also, what Date of Loss was the claim that you are currently working on filed for? if you were to plot all of your other clients from this storm, would this address appear to be an outlier on the map initially? Which Insurance company are you dealing with? What is the age/nature of the homeowner? is she a sweet old lady who is confused, or are they fired up and steaming from the ears and able to be used to your advantage? Lastly, when you say “Blah blah and associates”… do you have ANY idea what the actual name is? (hint, if you don’t, a call into the 800 claims line and the ability to know the claim # would more times than not let you get that from them). The reason I ask the last question is because I’ve got a hunch that the blah blah family, are really an engineering firm… hope the questions weren’t overwhelming, but they are all pertinent and will shape which route you will be able to go. A

I absolutely appreciate that. I was starting to wonder what happen to all of the knowledgeable members here. Chicago is my user name, not my location, if that’s what you were referring. I don’t really feel comfortable revealing specific details of that nature at this point. Possibly after the claim closes I’ll reveal a little detail into the route I ended up taking