Having shingles delivered on top of roof

Is in stupid to have the bundles delivered onto the roof when the old shingles haven’t been removed yet? I know I will have to move them around as I do the tear off and felt paper. I figured it was better than carrying them up the ladder. Does the supply house unload them onto the roof or do I have to take them off the belt myself?

Unless the roof is a multi layer tear off and the extra weight of a new roof is an issue I hand unload all shingles off of boom trucks.

What works best for me, IMO, is to tear off the peak and wrap both tops with 2 inches of felt and put your boards across the peak and make piles three across no more than 3 stacks high, of course leaving the bottom free of tacks (2 inches).

In a perfect situation the roof gets tore off and papered in prior to the boom truck and the shingles get scattered about the roof.

If I have to I’ll load a roof over the shingles but usually only if working over the weekend since the yard isn’t open on Saturday. When papering up to the shingle pile you have to be carefull you don’t have pieces of shingles and nails go under the felt. If your shingles are up under the piles you now run the risk of having the old shingles fall on and damage the new shingles.

If your yard is still using a conveyor belt call somebody else!!! Haven’t used one of those in almost 10 years.

The sheathing is 1/2" plywood. When I walk on the roof, it seems like it bows in some areas. I’m hoping this is normal. I weigh 210lbs. I was just worried about putting so much weight on a ridge that is supported by a 2X4 truss system.

boom trucks suck…they cant get anywhere due to power lines. i prefer the conveuyer. i have seen people put 40 sqaure in 1 spot if your roof cant handle it …your house has issues. i weigh 240 and 1/2" doesnt buckle under me. that leads me to believe you have 3/8.

my concern is the 2x4 trusses. They are not made for a major load. Combined with the buckling. How many layers do you have? Weight may be an issue.

  1. Your house is an easy 5/12 gable roof.

  2. You’re inexperience.

  3. Sounds like you may need new decking.

Do the tear off first. I seriously doubt you and one other guy will get 24sq off and cleaned up in a day.
Make sure all your underlayment supplys are there so you can dry in whatever you tear as you tear.
This will both give you a chance to evaluate the decking and after you’re all done and dried in you can load the roof after. You might want to call in your shingle order and let them know you’ll be calling for it around a certain date. Some supply houses can get kind of busy.


You will feel some give with plywood. If your trusses are 2’ on center, you will feel more.

I would feel safer with trusses. You can put more weight in one spot. If it is stick framed it will hold the same weight if framed correctly.

Make sure there is a truss under the center of the bundle of shingles. This will hold the weight of the bundles without buckling the plywood.

Almost all shingle deliveries to our jobs are by a truck with a moffitt. A moffitt is like a forlklift and can put your palletts where you want.Shingle job Rooftop delivery is no done very often with us, but there is the rare circumstance. Flat roofing is almost always roof top delivery.


unloading stock by hand from a supplier is kinda stupid. get a new supplier.