Headwall at Chimney Leak

I’m at a loss here… This attached picture shows where vinyl siding meets my chimney. The j-channel on the siding fills with water, it hits the chimney, travels up the vinyl siding, behind the flashing and water is in my attic every time it rains. It has been going on for a long time and I’m not sure how to tackle fixing this… any ideas?? Thanks!

Pull siding and j channel, flash the inside corner wall, cricket the inside corner and flash, and flash back of chimney on the upper roof, J the inside corner, trim and re-install J and siding.

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This isn’t a diy fix and can’t be done with just caulk or tar.

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You should also pay attention to the mortar that has deteriorated. It’s pretty evident in the photo

I’m at a loss as to what wouldn’t leak on that chimney. And we haven’t even gotten to see the cap!

What they said. Good sketch. (: Everybody be careful and stay healthy.

J-channel…designed to route water into a home. They should call it leak-channel.

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install low slope with cant strip on back on chimney, both up and lower sections. Remove siding and reflash install new siding, its cheap. Repoint brink. Pretty much repair everything in that photo.