Heavy Felt only

My dad just bought a place in FLA that needs a new roof. the PO lost the roof over a year ago and had the roofing contractor strip off the old tile and reroof with heavy felt and hot mop, but no shingles. it’s no been about a year and a half that way. is it still ok to shingle, or would it need to be stripped and redone? or is it even a significant cost factor?

What is the pitch of the roof?

hey maserguy,
the last roof i saw like that , recently , was on pine island
off fort myers.
would be funny if it were the same.

as far as shingling over the smooth hot mop.
as long as its layin flat and not to thick,
then you can shingle over it.
as long as the woods not rotted also.

sounds like the house is in a post storm area.

were ya at. im in tampa bay.


Here we go again. I would NOT go over any otehr roofing system for many reasons. The most is you have no idea what is under there. Second i doubt highly if it is laying flat. Most important is a vapor barrier between the wood and the shingles will not be the same. Follow the CODE. Im sure if you were to ask a city inspector if this is ok he would say no within 2 seconds. For god sake do it right and dont worry bout it for many years to come.

Going with GTP on this one. Keep in mind that if you did go over the roof you’d need felt or something as a slip sheet. Otherwise your shingles will end up embedding in the hot mop which will make it impossible to repair later on.

thanks guys. you seem to confirm what i expected. best to tear it off and do it right. the house is a typical michigan home on Sanibel. has a 4/12 or 5/12 pitch. it was a storm damaged roof and roofing was soo expensive for a while and difficult to get anything done that the owner just had it torn off and heavy felt put down. there is a mention of hot mop too, but i haven’t see the house and my dad doesn’t know enough to ask. he’s dealing with realtors who said it was done that way so that the buyer could have a roof choice. i appreciate the comment about shingles imbedding in hot mop. hadn’t thought of that problem. i’ll pass this on. probably go down next month and help oversee it. know a good roofer on Sanibel??

If the laws are anything like southeast Florida you’ll have to get a licensed roofing contractor to get the permits,noa and make sure that you get all three inspectons tin tab,in progress and final.At four or five hundred dollars a square for a shingle roof you should make sure you get a good contractor.

This appears to be in my neck of the woods, could we get a picture of this. We service the s.w. florida area, lic. ins. 45 year old company. Let me know if I can help

If this was hot mopped then I doubt the mop is still good due to prolonged U.V exposure. I’m thinking this was going to be tiled, however tile was very scarce during that time. Tile is now readily available. Market is $550 a square for tile , $275 30 shingle in this area.

ditto JamesFL?

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