Heavy Underlayment Question

I’m building a barn – new construction; 5:12 pitch; well ventilated; Atlanta area.

I’d like to use a heavier underlayment than the standard 15 or 30 pound felt, since it will be on the roof for a few weeks before the shingles are applied.

The delay will be caused by waiting for the plumbing and HVAC stacks to be installed; lightning arrestor system to be installed; facia trim to be installed; etc. I know a lot of folks do everything at the same time; but I’m going to wait until everyone is off the roof – before I shingle it.

Looks like Gorillaguard might be one good option. Is there a heavier roll roofing that might do a better job? Thanks.

Tamco’s nailfast it’s a sbs base sheet.Kind of pricey though.

titanium UDL. go to a roofing supply house and ask for it. about $136 for a ten square roll.

Off the top of my head:

Deck Armor

are all good hi-tech underlayments. Keep in mind that some, like Tri-Flex are very slippery when wet. Your best bet is probably Deck Armor. You could also go with a double coverage 30lb felt paper if money is a concern. As long as it is well nailed you should have no problems with it.

i thought deck armor was not weather proof for long periods of time while exposed to the elements?

Deck Armor… it is water-proof… for 6 month i believe. Have it installed with 1-inch plastic cap nails , 12’ O.C. in you’ll be good. If you have high winds, just use more nails.

PS, I don’t know why you guys are so thrilled about Titanium??? I mean, it is a freakin tarp, and it is no better than shark-skin… just mu 2 cents
Good luck

And GAF will end up with law suits because deck armor is to slippery. I am not willing to put my employees at risk by using that product. Titanium or roof top guard.

Slippery??? I could stand on it on a 12 pitch roof… is that slippery?.. maybe you need 18 pitch …lol
Don’t use it. I don’t work for GAF - i don’t care :slight_smile:

WE have never installed the product. We had to tear off a metal roof that was improperly installed. The installers of such roof had installed the deck armor. All of my employees that worked on that job would agree that deck armor is slippery compared to titanium or roof top guard which is what there use to using. Roof top and titanium are like velcro. Anything is slippery when it gets wet however my expercience with deck armor showed me it is more so slippery than the others. it may be a good product but i will use porducts that are better performing and most importantly safer. As far as you saying titanium is a tarp maybe you should look again. Or try roof top guard it is a breathable product.

It’s ok, I’m happy with deck armor and so are my guys. I don’t want to use a “non”-slippery tarp, nor the rooftop guard. Personal preference.

peal and stick shingle underlayment.


If properly applied, 30# felt will keep you “dried in” for well over a month.

For synthetics I prefer Titanium UDL.

[quote=“gweedo”]peal and stick shingle underlayment.


this will create condensation if applied over all of it in a cold climate.

ive only seen snow 3 times.
2 of those out of state.

peal and stick around bottom only.
then titanium or 30# the rest of the way.



IKO Roofgard-SB-slip resistant,great product.Anyone else tried this? :shock: