Help analyzing roof imagery

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   I've taken images of a few roofs and I'd like to know what I'm dealing with (material, condition, useful remaining life, gutter issue, recommendations etc...). It would be great if anyone could help out! 

Here’s a property with hail damage:

I can only upload one image unfortunately.

The quality of the image is too low to determine if there is hail damage. However, I am able to tell it is a composition shingle (asphalt) and it seems to have a long useful life ahead of it. If you have more pictures feel free to post them on here.

I know insurance companies cover it but hail damage doesn’t really harm an asphalt roof that much.

All the hail does is knocks off some granules exposing the underlying asphalt.

The exact same thing happens naturally with some brands of shingles and this isn’t considered damage, looking right at GAF…

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Hail Damage is a horrible situation to be in, making sure you have the right coverage is important before having a storm. It is possible the roof in question has hail damage take the pictures from the Eve’s for a good look also take the pictures from the side of the roof that is facing the storm. While I have your attention call your agent make sure you have a full RCV policy and a low deductible make sure the policy has no exclusion for “Cosmetic Damage”.
See the picture above for what Hail damage around here looks like? This is what you need coverage for.
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