Help! Can't find scalloped shingles


I want scalloped (fishscale or beavertail) asphalt/fibreglass shingles for my roof and cannot find any except PREMIUM priced.

IKO doesn’t make Royal Victorian anymore. One website showed Certainteed had Carriage House (premium) and another (reasonable) --which name I cannot find again anywhere else, so I’m thinking they’re discontinued too.

If anyone can help, I’d sure appreciate it.

Thank you.

Sentimental Lady

You should be able to acquire the Royal Victorians by a special order.
I needed some last year for a repair job, they took approx 7 weeks to arrive.

i dont know of any that arent premium.

Royal Victorians were a 4 tab beaver tail organic shingle, but if the courses were not exactly straight horizontally, the black shadow line drew too much attention to the variance.

Carriage House
Grand Manor

Both are very expensive though.

GAF makes a similar level and style shingle also, but I am not familiar with the style name.


Yes they did discontinue IKO royal victorian. I actually liked that shingle but foolish IKO only made it as a 25 year product and that was its demise. we did several jobs with it about ten years ago that still look good “not kidding”. If you call the IkO rep you may be able to find old inventory of the product.

Long term the I would spend the money and get a better shingle. When you look at a designer shingle you pay a designer price. You WILL get what you pay for.

Thanks for the suggestions to try looking for old stock with IKO. We used the Royal Victorian on our house 9 years ago and it still looks gorgeous after years of -40 and snow and 18-hour sunny summer days.

Any other non-premium-priced shingle suggestions still welcome…