Help! Discovered two different color shingles installed on our house

Our roof was replaced 4 years ago. Recently I discovered that our roof was installed with two different color shingles. I then contacted the roof company that did the roof replacement for us. They admitted it was a human error but refused to admit it is their responsibility. They told me that they had initiated a warranty claim with the shingle manufacturer and they don’t expect to hear anything back from the manufacturer for at least 30 days.

Does anyone have experience on dealing with this type of issue? Any suggestion or advice? Do you think I should go to small claim/justice court myself or get attorney’s help on this matter?

If you had a roof done 4 years and you “only recently” discovered you had two different colors I’m guessing you have no recourse. The contractor is probably just humoring you and stalling.


It’s incredibly unlikely anyone will do anything about it 4 years later. How did you discover this? I think an attorney and court is a waste of your time and $.

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We were not aware of the existence of the problem in the past because we never tried to climb up to the roof before. We only learned it three weeks ago when we had two other roof companies coming to our house to estimate the cost of roof chimney repair. Both of them pointed out that our roof was installed with two different color shingles. They left me the photos they took that show the obvious color difference of the shingles: one in gray, another one in reddish/brownish.

Is it visable from the ground?

Post the pictures. If its obviously two colors and not a shading issue,the manufacturer has nothing to do with it.

I’m assuming then you can’t see any of your roof from the ground so what does it matter? And if you can see it from the ground, WTF?

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Since the two other roof companies pointed out to me the existence of the problem, I can see it from the ground now. But I did not notice it in the past :frowning:

Do you have a workmanship warranty for the project? Workmanship should cover this quite easily and without questions.

When it comes to a matter such as this, your legal “angle” may run into a “Statute of limitations” hurdle set by your State. Without question, a legal battle will likely cost more than the repair. Why not just ask the existing, or new, roofing contractor to repair it? If you act sheepish about not noticing it, you may get better results from some sympathetic roofer than if you come in like a bulldog and you get rightly blamed for not noticing in the first place (AFTER 4 YEARS!). Alternately, offer to pay the original contractor for the repair to test if they are reputable, they might see that as a potential challenge to their honor! Yes, subtly threaten to bruise their ego …

Sometimes it’s more efficient to accept a self-imposed “Stupid Tax” and move on with life than it is to go to battle. Don’t let your ego dictate the outcome.

Let it go. Any repair won’t match anyway.

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