Help for homeowner on flat-roof roof update


I live in a townhouse which is about 17 years old. Our flat roof, about 40 x 25 feet, has been entirely covered by a wood deck. We are installing a brand new wood deck and now is the time, between decks, to update the roof.

Current condition: We have not had any roof leaks. It appears to be a rubber surface with silver sealant/paint that is about half worn out and showing black underneath. We don’t see any cracks, bad seams, etc. The roof drains out of one corner, and there is some ponding in a couple of areas on the roof, and there is one-foot square soft spot in one of the corners of the roof

We are getting a composite roof deck that is expected to last 20+ years. Obviously don’t want to have any roof issues for most of the useful life of the deck.

I have a contractor for the deck and masonry parts of the job who is well respected and has done a lot of other work in my neighborhood. He doesn’t do the actual roofing, but has lots of experience with these kinds of homes. His suggestion was to have a roofer lay more rubber layers where there is ponding, investigate and repair the soft spot, and then just re-seal the whole thing. He thinks we should defer to the opinion of an actual roofer though.

I had one estimate today (haven’t heard the numbers yet) and have another scheduled for tomorrow. The first one suggested covering the entire roof with a PVC product (Duro something, I can’t recall the whole name). I did some quick checking on the internet and found varying opinions about the product. The roofer today is a certified installer of this product.

I’d like to hear any opinions, knowing the roof currently doesn’t leak, is about 17 years old, and will be almost immediately covered entirely by a composite deck. Re-cover the whole thing like was suggested today? Touch up, repair and seal what’s currently there? Does the part that it has been and will be covered by a wood deck have any bearing in this decision as it relates to the longevity of the roof itself?

Climate: Chicago, cold in the winter, warm in the summer. Average rains.

Thank you!

Update to my post. I had another roofer visit for an estimate today. He says our current roof is a modified bitumen and that’s the material they use.

So of the two estimates I’ve received so far, one will be for Duro-Last, and the other for modified bitumen. Both contractors are local and highly recommended.

Again, this roof will be almost immediately completely covered by a floating wood deck, with the supports sitting on top of heavy duty rubber pads.

Given those parameters, and setting aside the price, any opinions on modified bitumen vs Duro-Last?

Duro-last will, by far, out last a mod-bit system. Im a Duro-last installer and have removed 24 year old Duro-last that was absolutely fine. Still pliable, not brittle. Duro-last will offer a decent warranty also. Pay the extra and get the Duro-last pvc.

Ok here you go a simple fix look at liquid applied Roofing it’s called a green roof or a sub stainable roof you never tear off again look at Tropical which is the brand name silicone based liquid applied Roofing I’m old school and when they first told me about this I’ll just paint this on the roof it’ll be okay I was real skeptical I’ve done a YMCA pool which is 14000 square foot and never had a problem one company to stay away from is Hydro stop do not use hydro stop use a silicone based I have some pictures of one we did if you’re interested I’m on the coast of Mississippi but it’ll work just as well up there as I’m from Chicago area. Its very simple it works its cheeper in long run an you never tear off again 10 years power wash an clean it recoat it. Stay away from duro last. Get a price on it just make sure its silacone based as it takes ponding others that are latex based like Hydro stop can not have ponding

You can also use a sprayfoam with a elastromeric coating over it I use Conklin products

PrecisionCoating, ive been interested in trying the Conklin system, but Im not interested in the ChoiceRoofing part. Are you part of the ChoiceRoofing network?

No I’m not a part of that

Where are you located

Interesting. I’ve been trying to learn about the product so I could use it.

I can send you information and explain the products

That would be great.

Watch out f8nd out is the rep for the coating company is paid by what they. Sell i used hydo stop an never again rep over sold me then right in front of owner said charge a 1 a sq foot labor i had sold job at 1.50 per sq foot cost me 7 grand. Then went behind back an tryed to get his buddys the job i told the guy he was messing with wrong guy. Do some looking ask to talk to other guys who uses his system an they all lie. Er roofing is easy fast. But its for metal roofs. To go over rubber use silcone bases. Be carefull.