Help for hot feet

Burning feet…need help ASAP
Any suggestions for keeping feet cool on a hot Florida roof. If not for my feet I could work all day but even changing socks and sneakers mid way through the day doesn’t keep my feet from just killing me.

Is there any kind of shoe that doesn’t conduct heat? I buy cheap sneakers and go through about a pair a week. But it’s still hell on my feet.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’m from Buffalo where I knew how to keep my feet warm.
Don’t know how to keep them cool

Insulated work boots that conform to the OSHA code.

a thicker harder soul.
shoe color white.
also a smooth soul so as not to tear up roof.


I’d try going one of two different ways.

  1. Where white cotton socks and good insulated work boots. I actually wear Columbia hiking boots, because their tread allows to walk on slopes I couldn’t walk on normally. Not quite the same as a pair of Cougar Paws, but I can go places others can’t.

  2. Don’t wear any socks, and try a pair of top-siders like Sperry. The Sperry’s have fairly good traction on sloped shingle roofs, since they are meant to grip wet boat decks. However, without socks for insulation and standing on hot roofs for awhile, you may not find this is the way for you to go. I like my Sperry’s, but then again my feet don’t get all sweaty in leather, and they allow me to walk through puddles of water on low-sloped roofs.

Personally, I’d try method #1 first. If you look for the Columbia boots, I can tell you I have the Trail Meisters, or something like that.

Well, first you’re gonna need enough soffit ventilation. :smiley:

if its a shimgle roof your working on and the roof is hot enuff to burn your feet boots are gonna scar the mess out of the shingles stick to tennis shoes use a cushin and roof fast enough to stay on fresh shingles

Aaron you cant resist with the osha stuff. Try cougar paws boots here is a link

That might help you. Even though i dont shingle anymore but, when i did they worked great for me.

What kind of roofing are you doing? Is it BUR? If so, you might want to check out my thread on some BUR equipment for sale…:slight_smile:

checked out those cougarpaw boots…sweet gonna have to try those

i think they are named like that cuz at the end of the day they smell like cougar :twisted:

wet cougar :shock: