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I will try to explain my situation in alot of detail, because I am not a tech person and don’t own a digital camera. Even if I did, I wouldn’t know how to put the picture on this post. Anyhow, we purchase a home that has a hip roof and no eaves. Which is problem number one, there are no eave vents nor gable vents. There is only one turbin style vent on the roof. The even bigger problem is that the previous owner added on to the back of the house (where the clothes dryer is) and re-routed the dryer vent up into the attic. As for problem number two, when they added this new room along the entire length of the back of the house, they did not tie in the roof with the existing roof. The roof over the back room has no attic space and while it is not a flat roof, it doesn’t have much pitch. The roofing on it is metal and the rest of the house is regular shingles. My problem is that the roof on the back porch leaks. I have gone up and caulked where the roofs meet and over the screws in the metal, but nothing helped. All the shingles on the house are new except for this back side. Why the previous owners didn’t redo the whole house at once is beyond me. A roofer told me that the flashing probably isn’t wide enough and wants to replace the whole back side. That’s great, but I don’t have an extra $3,000.00 to have them fix it all. What do I need to do to fix this myself?? Do I have to totally re shingle the back side of the house or just redo where the two roofs meet? I do have some friends who know basic roofing, but I want to understand how to shift from shingles to metal so that my roof will quit leaking. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
The Inspector


Why is no eaves a problem?

They make vents to exhust your dryer out the roof. If that is your only option.

You do not have the money to do the whole section. Yet you tell us it is beyond your comprehension why they did not do the whole roof.

I could stop your leak. I can not explain it to you.

hello okie,
the back side of your roof being old shingles is going to make it hard for anybody to tyin your flat roof.
but you can give it a try, you wont hurt anything by tryin.
what you need to do is try and remove a couple of rows of shingles along entire tyin and instal a peace of single ply roofing under the shingles and over the flat metal, so the water can run from the shingles onto the flat.
if the old shingles are to brittle to get under, then you will have to do the entire side all the way to the peek.

good luck.


I could fix that problem…but it will cost you. :twisted:

Lefty- Just because I don’t have the money to pay for the labor for someone else to do it, doesn’t mean I don’t want to spend the money on the matierials to do it right. My philosophy is that any job worth doing is worth doing right and doing it the way I want it done the first time.

Gweedo- What do you mean by single ply roofing and how wide should this piece of single ply roofing be? In other words, how far down the metal roof should it go?

Thanks for the help,
The Inspector

lefty means well,
we try to lead people twards gettin professional help.

but youll want to run it down a ft or so onto metal.
and just get it tucked however far you can under the shingles.
make sure that were you go unnder the shingles it up the roof a little.

good luck.


Hi Okie,

Maybe the other guy ran out of money to.

Maybe the other guy said the same thing. I can only afford to pay for 3 sides.

Heres how we tie classic rib metal into shingles in Ohio

  1. Remove about 3 rows of shingles from the tie in up. ( Buy a bundle of shingles that matches yours)

  2. Buy a metal flashing at least 2 to three foot wide and however long your roof is.

  3. Now take the flashing across your roof make sure to to try to keep it square putting half out on the metal roof to be screwed down and the other half on your shingled roof to be shingled over. Remember when shingling over to watch where you put nails.
    Now screw or nail down the flashing out on the metal

where in ok are you? i am from nwa and might be able to help you out. I know a guy that is from stillwell ok has worked for me 5+ years I could give him your#