Help!How much should I get to just lay grand sequoia? w pics

I agree on the phone to lay 30 year gaf for $60 a sq. It is a 63 sq 10 pitch job. I show up and it’s gaf/elk grand sequoia. What would you do?

Better yet what would you charge? Thanks.

Photo of a fifty SQ job that we are just completing to give you some idea of what it looked like.
Application 100 USD/SQ & Shake Tear-off 165 USD/SQ.

[quote=“Valley.Guy”]Photo of a fifty SQ job that we are just completing to give you some idea of what it looked like.
Application 100 USD/SQ & Shake Tear-off 165 USD/SQ.[/quote]


I dunno. How much are you worth?

well i just got home from a long day. and i only ask about the pricing because i have not laid them before. this is for a builder i just met. i was to start the job this morning. i show up and i see 12 pallets of shingles instead of 6. he tells me he didn’t know and he thought it was supposed to be 30 year GAF arcs. these things take a bit to get used too. i think it’s going to take me about 2 times the hours to get the job done. i will post some pics in a few.

thanks for the replies that came in so far.


I dunno. How much are you worth?[/quote]

i think about $1,000 an hour. but i never get it for some reason.

really tho after overhead (witch is pretty low) i’m happy with $350 a day or so. and i’m on the roof all day with my guys working.

there is another side of the roof thats not in the pics too. do you new construction guys get pad by the sq for caps on top of the roof sq or do it for free? and then also there is 4 solar tubes too. thanks

I am not sure if 2 times the hours is correct. Our guys actually prefer laying these shingles over 30 YR Arch…little to no complaining. This was the first time that they installed these too. As you probably already know these shingles seal instantly. At least you have wide open runs, a few valleys and can set the shingles as/where you need them. It took us approximately 1.5 times. Beautiful Home!

we all hate applying them, on this house anyway. but we are not used to 3 tab or 50 year shingles and these are like both of them. we are going to suck it up and get the job done but i have a list of around 10 things i don’t like about them. i guess we will see how tomorrow goes.

caps count

nice house

id charge more like 125 a sq or more. sounds pricy but my current charge is 100 for everything until i cant walk on it then it goes up. OR if im doing any presidential or landmark TLs. since these are slightly slower.

[quote=“shangle_nailer”]caps count

nice house[/quote]

you mean count as in 3 bundles means pay me for anther sq. right?

yep this is 10 pitch and its 95 degrees this week so your not walking this house. and it’s the same thing as presidential so you say $125 a sq. thats just what i was thinking.

one more quick question. how much more per sq would you ask for if a contractor changed from 30 year arc to a 50 year or lifetime shingle?

well i just did my first Landmark TL job and did it for 100 a square thinking it went on just as quick as 40 year. after that job ive decided i will probably charge like 125 for typical arch 50s and maybe like 135 for presidential style shingles. then of course material cost difference too. it would be even higher for 9/12+. we typically avoid any roofs over 9/12 just because we are a small co and i dont feel like doing them. The reason Ill charge more for Landmark TLs even tho most said they wouldnt on here is because flat out they do take longer. im a fast, accurate layer and i still had to take my time because the nail line is much thinner, the shingles MUST be warmed up if its under 85 degrees out and they cant just be thrown around when handled. if they bend(like you pick one side up and make it flex) then you will create a tear of hole at the nail strip. the three layers dont bend at all! so once again that slows you down as well. And to keep me going at any sort of pace i had to have my one employee feeding me and prewarming the shingles otherwise it would of taken forever. he didnt lay much of any material on that roof. I will say tho I LOVE they way they look tho!


[quote=“shangle_nailer”]caps count

nice house[/quote]

you mean count as in 3 bundles means pay me for anther sq. right?[/quote]


we would have been done with the job Saturday but we ran out of shingles. i think at $125 a sq i would have done pretty good. they go on ok but you need a full shingle every time if not the pattern is way off so it takes some time at the ends of all the runs.

job looks good…cutting that valleys was not fun for me in my jobs…and i see u dint do a open valley.