Help identifying synthetic slate product

Hello, I am needing help identifying this product for an insurance claim. It appears to be concrete and fiberglass. Does anyone have any products to point me toward and whether they are discontinued or not?

Looks like old Hardy Slate and if so it’s been discontinued for a LONG time. There are lots of similar products, most of which have failed and gone out of business.

I’d check it for asbestos content. Had a similar one a couple of years ago that did. Which means you would need to hire a certified and licensed abatement company for the removal and disposal. The Xactimate line item is CSFSL, fiber cement composite roofing. I’d try to make an argument that the nearest LKQ is slate and work to get the pricing up because Xactimate doesn’t estimate any of these types of roofs correctly. In fact, Xactimate admits to that if you look in the description.

BlockquoteNote: This type and quality of roofing material may not be commonly used in all regions; subsequently, in those areas, the price published here is based on a limited amount of available market data. If you are replacing this type of roofing in a region where it is not common, Xactware recommends that you verify your pricing through competitive bids with local trade contractors.

In our state roofers are allowed to remove it as long it can be left mostly intact and DEQ guidelines are followed.

It most states, if it is friable, you need a licensed certified abatement company to do the work. I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. If you get particles in a neighbor’s yard for example, you can get company closing fines and civil judgments. Not worth it. Not to mention it is hazardous to the health of your crew.

Besides all that, the materials shown would crumble up like Christmas cake when you attempt the demo. So it is rather a moot point.

We use dikes to clip nail heads keeping it non friable. We wear respirators and coveralls. Everything is double bagged and wet down and we get DEQ to sign off on our process before we start. We clear things ahead of time with the landfill and make really good money.

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And it is not hazardous to the health of our crew. There are no grinding tools used and no dust and the guys are wearing respirators. Tile dust is worse and I’ve sucked in lots of that.

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I have no question you do everything within the guidelines. Not many states have your laws and very, very few have roofers like you do and have good processes laid out. There are several top roofers here that are not representative of the masses.

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My grandfather and his brothers installed asbestos siding on thousands of homes. The only thing you should add is throw out your clothes or use tyvek suits.
One of my dads aunts died from one of the asbestos cancers, from doing the laundry.

I will have it checked for asbestos but I don’t think it is. Does anyone have any info on the Hardy Slate? The insurance company is requesting proof it is discontinued which there’s nothing easily available on this.

You are correct and I was negligent not mentioning that. That is a sad story about your Aunt. I’m guessing there was a lot more dust generated back in those days, not knowing the dangers of what they were working with.