Help Identifying this material

Can anyone identify this material?07297c78-c050-40f1-8c63-af3b6f75e07b

I dont know what it is
But i am excited to learn.

Is Any of the buckling causing leaks?
Did it form to the round surface from the Beginning?

Hey Roof_lover, There isn’t any leaks on the turret. A coworker inspected this house and found hail damage. He isn’t sure what it is. The adjuster wasn’t sure either. The adjuster called it copper. After a little digging I came across some copper foil coated bitumen shingles. I just haven’t verify if they have the granules on the bottom like these do. Have you ever hear of foil coated shingles?

Tinner would know, but he hasnt been on the board in a while. all i found that’s close

If the adjuster will pay for for, stop right there. That’s likely the highest paying product.

Copper clad shingles. Very expensive. Use copper nails only. Make sure the roofer knows how to do that roof. Toisite copper clad shingles cut into single pieces