Help me break into roof restoration

I’m a seasoned construction professional who recognizes the earning potential here, and wants to get a start in roof restoration. Can estimate anything, and can talk construction why’s and how’s to anyone.
I’m not a business owner, but rather a project manager hoping to find an established restoration contractor who needs a qualified individual who makes a good impression for your company and is trainable, a very quick study, and a go-getter.
Currently in Louisville Ky, but hoping to make my way home to Atlanta to build this career.
If anyone can offer any helpful input, would greatly be appreciated.

I’m working with a few contractors in Atlanta if you want more info email me

Thanks Negotiator!
Sent you an email.

I’m working with a few contractors in Northern Virginia if you want more info visit [=]enhancedrr](=]enhancedrr)


It would do you well to spend some time with or around folks that do the insurance game the right way. Too many folks getting into the insurance game without playing the paperwork game get hurt, and hurt the rest of the roofing community because they aren’t familiar with some of the nuances.

Too many folks try and “break” into the industry and walk in taking the check and doing the work at often times below cost assuming that the volume of business with make them money. It screws it up for everyone else. Others try to bill for crazy things that they don’t legitimately do, and that screws it up too.

There are some great folks in here that can help point you in the right direction. All I can tell you, after breaking out of the software world and back into contracting, ( and software) is that you should pay careful attention to what you are doing. Stay organized, (use a CRM that you are comfortable with,) Consider ( though it is not essential) using Xactimate or finding someone that is well versed in writing in it, and spend some time learning how to communicate with the Insurance companies.

Good luck.

Thanks Jake
That’s exactly what I’m looking for.
A company that offers proper training with integrity.
I definitely want to do it the right way.
That combo in a company based out of north Atlanta would be a perfect fit.