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:slight_smile: what would you charge per foot to install yankeey gutters "?


Each job would be different. There could be not set price for work like that. How much rot are you fixing. What are you lining it with. Too many things that could vary.

Figure how long it would take you. How much for materials. Any tools you do not have.

Best way for you is to probably tell the customer time and materials.

Is a yankee gutter a metal-lined wood gutter?

Hi Aaron,


It is not at the end of the roof. About a foot from the eave.

that was my next question…

I have always thought soft copper, or lead for this. I have never done one.

Do you guys do these, Lefty?

Hi Aaron,

They are not common in our area.

I’m removing 52 ft on each side plus removeing 3 layers and resheeting . the old ones are raped with coil stock but they were done half assed seams are lifting wood is rotted I’m thinking 25 p’/f:?

If we are just removing old metal/90lb or whatever and religning with copper,not including any wood repairs the prices start at 120.00 a foot. that would be a straight run 30 ft min with 2 drop tubes.any corners or difficulty would increase the

In the West it would be somewhere in the $60plf range for new construction. So figure whatever you need to remove the old and replace the rot. The liner would be 24 ga. (min) copper with soldered joints. Drain drops are $150 each.

what would you charge with out copper"?The home owner does’nt want that just coil stock

Do you have to warrant them? If so, how would you plan in sealing the seams in permanently? A metallurgical seam is the only way to go.

:? to tell u the truth i really don’t know ! This is the first time I did them my self. I worked with other companys who just used 90 lb. What would u do if u had to seal the seemsfor alummin"?



If they back up your screwed.

nothing !!!I have to seal them i’ll use some kind of caulk on sealer :?

Wooden gutter album if anyone has an interest … cbsmrhqzpQ

You could use a polyester reinforced system called Barrierguard they use to line planters and watertanks. It will last for 10 years plus. It would be easier to do it with the coil stock in place but it wouldnt be totally necessary to have it.

Broken Ladder, If you install the coil stock and seal the seams you are going to have the same half a----d job that you are looking at now within a couple of years…If the customers do not want to spend the money for the copper liner and even if they did sounds like you would need to hire someone with experience to install it properly (like Walter-pictures showed one example of installation)…I would say either talk them into replacing gutter system with a new “K” style or “1/2” Round gutter system plus any carpentry work that may be needed to make one of the systems work…Or line existing gutter with 60 mil EPDM fully adhered,extend the EPDM up under the shingles,buy or make a couple of drop tubes, install a some type of drip edge on the outside edge,you should get 12 to 15 yrs before replacement is needed…Forget the coil stock -will only cause more problems…