Help me please, how to add front porch to existing Intersecting gable valley

Hey guys! I really hope someone can help me here, I’m kind of out of options at this point. My husband and I bought our first home about 1 year ago and the porch had been taken off & only concrete slab was left, I assumed it would be easy to cover. My little brother is a carpenter and can usually do any kind of work without a problem. Here is where the issue starts. We got started last weekend & now we can’t finish because of this valley. My husband doesn’t want just a flat roof, he wants to extend the gable so we won’t have water problems like the previous owners did in the past. The real issue is that there are two gables. And the two gables need to join and keep the same valley they have now. We started this last weekend and want to finish this weekend as they have pulled out shingles so they could go up with the 2 x 6 s and get the correct angle, and our roof will begin to leak soon. I’m a nurse, and I’m pretty sure this makes absolutely no sense BUT it’s worth a try before we end up ruining our existing roof for good. I’m uploading tons of pics and will be glad to take more if needed! Thank y’all so much in advance

Create at least a 2 pitch and extend the transition further up the existing roof on your house. Use ice and water at the transition and/or modified to cover the new porch roof. If the pitches will allow, you may be able to build in a small saddle in the valley.

Thank you so much! We got a lot more than we would have done yesterday, they were ready to call it quits. They are now stuck on the angle of the rafters & crows foot to make the pitch. :grimacing: they have been cutting all morning and still dont have the right fit. but you are a lifesaver. All I want to do is sit under my porch in the rocking chair! Thanks again!