Help need advice

OK Long story Short, I have an unbearable HOA. They require 400lb shingles or more. need to keep consistant with a “Grand Manor” type look. The have approved GAF camelot and in some cases Camelot 2. I know what i am looking at in terms of cost for Grand manor, what about per square cost in material for Camelot 2? does any one know the Per square weight for the camelot 2 as well? are there any other type shingles out there that could be reccomended to me? I am on a tight budget and with shingle prices sky rocketing recently I don’t know what i can do. Oh and to add insult to injury? I have an asbestos shingle on the house now, one of the main reasons i need to find a cost effective, but workable replacement shingle. Thanks for all your help in advance

Wish I had good news for you but if you think the cost of materials and installation is bad, wait until they give you the price for removing asbestos!

You sure you don’t have Asphalt shingles on your house not asbestos?

Pretty sure, House was built in 1970. the shingle is a composite. a lot of people mistake it for a shake but it definately is not wood. several otehr houses in teh area have asbestos shingles. Yes it is costly to get rid of them but that is not my main concern my main concern is finding something that is cost effective to replace it with, but keeping with the “HOA” look are there any ideas?

post a pic of the roof.

I think your priority needs to be determining if the current roof is an asbestos product of some sort. If it is asbestos, the cost of removal will be more than your new roof. Finding a shingle is the least of your worries imo.

Is there any access pieces in the garage ? check them for a name on the back.
Do neighbors have the same product ? have they reroofed ? They may know what it is and if it was asbestos.