Help needed for temporary safety ideas

Hi, my question pertains to safety issues. I have a rather steep roof that is done in asphalt shingles. I need to paint the dormer and was wondering if there is a way to add some type of safety steps or curb on the existing roof surrounding the dormer without damaging the shingles. Thank you for your time and expertise. Boyd

Roof jacks and boards, along with being tied off is the best way to go for a quick and simple way to work while being relatively safe.

I tried to post a pic of what you need, but the message was marked as spam. ???

Guess ya gotta call a painter. :smiley:

I did a quick Google search on roof jacks and found this site. I did NOT read what the guy had to say, so I can’t endorse any of his suggestions. The point of posting this link was to show you one man’s way of using roof jacks and boards. Remember, if you do this you should also tie off with a harness and ropes if you want to work safely. … ingl2x.htm

hello bmcduffy,
take a 2 ft. 2x4 and nail it, with 12-16 penny nails, directly through the shingles.
put a couple along the doormer where you need to stand.
when you remove them start with the top one down.
remove the 2x4 and fill the holes in shingles with black jack in a caulk tube.
if you can lift a shingle and get the tar up inbetween, that would be better.

you shouldnt notice theese spots of tar from the ground.

good luck

…or you could replace the shingles with the newly acquired nail holes.