Help please. Mid project leaks

Hello we live in South West Florida in a single story house with an attached garage. We are in the process of having a new roof put on (old shingles and materials off, new materials amd shingles on). They start the roof Monday, monday evening a storm was brewing in the distance showing signs of reaching us in an hour or two, yet they waited and rushed to tarp the house with most of the shingles off while it was raining. They did tarp most of the house and we didnt notice any leaks, yet. The following day it rained from 2pm to 3pm the crew showed up at 4 pm and worked u til 7:30pm or so, removing the rest of the shingles and putting the felt and some of the metal guards down. However they didnt put a tarp on, not a big deal bc it should bd waterproof, right. The next day i noticed (as i took my daily project pictires) the sheet metal they laid in the peaks was curled at the ends and began to curl more in the heat im assuming. Now two days later, nobody has shown up still, it rained lightly yesterday for about 20 minutes in the evening, today it rained heavily for about an hour or so. Durring that period we heard water running in our bathroom, our exhaust fan was literally pouring water out splashing everywhere. I noticed a few other spots of water damage in corners of other rooms also but no gushing warerfalls like the exhaust fan. Meanwhile im trying to reach the company or my rep, finally the rep says he will look into it. An hour or so later the crew that doesnt speak english show up smelling like booze, climb on the roof trying to find the problem. I point out the metal and a light bulb went off, unproper glueing the metal turned it into a gutter. They tarped most of the house and said they would be back in the morning to put shingles on and everything will be fine. (Done through google translate)

Im seeking advice on what to do next. I am going through a bigger company T.H.Roofing. curently i messaged the corporate office but no response due to the issue happing at 5pm. Calls didn’t work either, even got voicemail on the emergency line. I messaged my sales rep along with distract office and instructed them not to have their crew do any further work on the property until we figure out a solution. Where should I go from here, what should i be worried about and not worried about/ what needs addressed the most and what can be effected by such a large leak?

Attached a pic of the side with the metal piece im referring to from after the 2nd day. I have pics and videos of each day before after and some even during the project along with security phootage. Rather be safe then sorry sometimes pays off.

With hold final payment until all interior damage is fixed.

Assuming once the roof is completed it is waterproof and the leak or leaks were the result of not covering up. How foolish to not cover, your Fl for crying out loud isn’t rain expected daily this time of year.

Did they sub out the job or are they employees?

File a claim with YOUR insurance.

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Thank you for the replies. They did not sub out the job, the manager says they are employees, yet today he said specific crews or members cost more… Correct it rains here everyday for about 30-60 minutes coming down in buckets, i was dumbfounded myself not to see a tarp.
I was thinking of contacting my insurance today, just didnt know if that will make matters harder/ more hoops or people to communicate to.
So far I have contacted their top distract project manager, head of warranty for their Florida devision and multiple others below them to get there. The communication was mind boggling… They have agreed to have everything inside fixed, repainted Monday, and then fully inspected for damages. Along with having their “more expensive” roofer inspect the roof, replace any damaged materials and lay the shingles down tomorrow upon us looking everythingover.
I got up on the roof with the top project manager and the “best roofer in SWFL”, both seemed to think the rain came through due to not being tarped. Both agreed the felt aka peel-n-stick looked fine and could be shingled. I agreed as long as they would discount the job a minimum 1,000$ and an additional year at 0% to pay for the roof along with everything inside and out replaced, every room effected repainted, and full inspection or instead of the extra year at 0% an additionall full rewrite of the contract with 5 extra years of full coverage warranty. (negotiations started with me wanting a free roof, gotta start somewhere right lmao, should have seen their faces :rofl:). So they agreed to making one or the other happen. Im still skeptical but the longer the roof isn’t finished properly it can cause more issues and headaches.

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The metal curling is just the valley metal they havent installed it.
Its just barely nailed to hold it up there until they are ready to shingle over it.

I feel like they were negligent in not coming back immediately between rains.

But At the same time i would Not have told them not to return.
I would show my dissatisfaction because you couldnt get anybody on the phone and i would maybe ask for a different crew.
But i wouldnt demand they dont come.
Thats shooting yourself in the foot.

The hard work is already done.
The crew only has a half a day of work to finish it.


I was worried about telling them not to come back Friday morning but didnt know what else to do. They did provide a new crew after i asked, they do seem to know what they are doing and going to work with me. With the poor / lack of communication and everything its hard to trust anyone from the company. Which is why I suppose I was looking for advice of what to do and not to do.

Your suggestion is always helpful.

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I’d consult with your insurance agent. That’s what you pay them for. They’ve dealt with situations like this a million times and they know what to do.

You’ll probably have to pay them for the full contract price and they’ll have to repair any damages.

Nice roof loading job, LOL

Was all pretty normal stuff, loose metal at the bottom of the valley is actually a sign they know what they’re doing, that is till it got to water coming in the house. Not good. Don’t make that last payment till you are satisfied damages have been repaired and it passes Final Inspection

AI needs some work on the English language to make sentence structure understandable for the common and advanced roofer. Comprende?


Hello everyone, I am new here If you have any more questions or need assistance with any thing else feel free to ask. I’m here to help…

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