Help please with drip edge issue

About 8 years ago we had our roof replaced after moving into a house that was approximately 12 years old. The prior owner had a significant problem with ice dams. The house is located in Massachusetts. It was recommended by some roofers to remove the existing vented drip edge and to put in soffit vents to help prevent ice dams. This was performed 8 years ago with replacement of the entire roof and 6 feet of ice and water shield was placed. We have had no problems with ice dams since.

However, this past year I had my eaves replaced due to rot and later noticed that there was light and a small gap visible by the eaves in the attic. When I discussed this with the contractor he said that when the roof was replaced 8 years ago along with removal of the vented drip edge, the only cover placed in that area was the new unvented drip edge. With replacement of the eaves, the drip edge was distorted somewhat and now allows more light to come in ie. the drip edge along the facia boards no longer creates as tight a seal.

I am concerned about this gap as I believe it will be an access point for insects in the coming summer. How should I resolve this problem?

What would have been the proper way to remove the vented drip edge and seal the area? Can this problem be corrected without disturbing a major portion of the roof?

Drip edge is not meant to seal or waterproof…

Your attic will always have insects…

Not that your drip edge may be poorly installed…

How are soffit vents better than vented drip?

How does ice barrier stop ice damming?

Insulation and proper ventilation are key to stopping ice dams, or at least minimizing them.