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I’m having my roof done right now and I just happen to notice that they did not put down the paper under the shingles. I asked him about it and he told me that it’s only really useful when leaving the roof exposed before the shingles go on. Is this true? Am I getting screwed? I’m very nervous and feel like that paper should be on there?

If it is, what the heck am I going to do? Tell him to rip all the shingles off and do it again? he’s basically got one side done and I was off doing my own thing so I didn’t notice. Please let me know.

it may not show signs of trouble for a few years…but it is also a vapor barrior, and yes it should be there. he has instantly voided the warranty by not using it. what part of the country are you in?

New england…
uggghhhh…what the heck am I going to do?

Well first off if thats in the states, i would see what the local code is and if flet is there and it will be tell him to do the roof correctly and then you will pay him. He did not do it correctly.

then …call his mom!

If it is not on your contract to use felt then you are at the mercy of the city inspector. If the contract said install felt then you dont have to pay due to breach of contract

Massachusetts code requires felt underlayment as protection from wind driven rain as well as to achieve a class A fire rating, also to comply with manufactures specification. It is serious screw up to not use felt.

So two things here. I looked at the contract and it was my own fault because it does not say felt. However, when I think about it, I don’t even think he pulled a permit. Things just don’t seem right and now that it’s a code issue, it looks like this guy is getting a stop payment on the check we issued for a deposit

I just had to tell the guy that I want this resolved. It turns out he did not pull the permit. He got very defensive and but said he’ll come back and fix the issue. However, I know well and good that he won’t be back anytime soon.

I had a feeling that was a wrong installation and I’m a nervous wreck right now. I’ve been in my first home for a year and this is the first time dealing with a contractor. We are putting a stop payment on the deposit but not sure if it will actually go through. I want every incentive for him to come back and finish the job properly.

Any advice you can give me on how to handle this and what my grounds are to stand on would be greatly appreciated. Do I have the right to tell him to not come back, not finish the job and not get paid and I can hire someone else?

If your current roofer won’t do it right in a timely manner find one that will.

I hope you did not give him more than 30% for materials. My question is does he have a license? Is he insured? When did you give him that check? How much was it not numbers i mean percentage wise? If he did not put the felt on i wonder how many other things he did wrong. I would call the city inspector out to check everything. What ever he said is wrong the contractor must fix. if he had felt on the contract and did not put it in he breached his own contract. Therfore you owe him nothing. If he did not then it will become a battle with the city, the contractor and you. Do not call another roofer out untill he will not do anything. First call is to the city to get an inspector out. Do you have any pictures of no felt? Or of anything else he might have done wrong? I would be careful, if he has a license he might put a lein on your house if you do not pay. Scan a copy of the contract and post it on this site via photo pucket so we can see what his contract reads and see if you are resposible for payments.


I get $100 at the signing of the contract. 50% the week before I start the job.

Flat roofs I get 50% at the signing of the contract.

He did not put felt on the contract, however I never signed the contract. It was kind of a strange process. I asked him for various things, including references, proof of insurance and that he pull a permit. He provided none of those things and suddenly a delivery of shingles/materials and a dumpster showed up at my house. Then the next day he started the work.

He claims he will fix it but right now the roof where the ridge vent goes, looks exposed, I have to go up there to check it out. The chimney is not protected with flashing. I’m not sure what to do about that.

As for the inspector, I plan on going there first thing in the morning in hopes to drag him to my house. i do not have pictures of the no paper but it’s as easy as pulling up the shingle to see it.

I already put a stop payment on the check and not sure what kind of cans that opened up but I need to make sure this gets resolved ASAP. I’m not putting up with something like that. Especially when it is not code compliant. In my opinion, he never received and official signed contract, he never pulled a permit and therefor was not authorized or should not have been authorized to perform a non-compliant roofing project.

As for the downpayment, it was 50%. Hence why I put a stop payment, I’m not about to risk losing that money. I even offered to pay the difference in materials as long as he fixes it. I honestly don’t care. It was a mixup between the both of us but he openly refused my offer. In my opinion, it’s a matter of pulling up the shingles after the ice barrier (which he did install) and redoing from that point up, with felt. then finish the other side with felt which the materials are already there. Aside from labor, the added materials shouldn’t be much more and bottom line is he should have done it in the first place.

With that being said, do I have ground to stand on? Or am I basically screwed?

Well, the latest saga in the story is we worked it out. He’s going to fix it, no extra cost. We gave him his deposit and we’re taking our chances. Hopefully I don’t have to deal with hunting him down with lawyers to finish the work. We’ll see next weekend but the new contract states new paper and shingles on both sides of roof.

Same price

this whole thing sounds very strange to me. Just starting a roof with no signed sontract ??

Welcome to the wonderful world of home ownership! Although you think you’ve reached resolution with the contractor, you still need to involve the building inspector and get verification of permit, insurance and possibly licensing.

 The building inspector and permitting system exist  to protect you from situations like this. A permit will be based on local code and conditions and won't be issued to an unqualified contractor.  Plus you will get inspections and if there are discrepancies, you won't have to quote some guys on the internet to your contractor! Good luck!

very weird,was your roofer from canada??do you have a contract now? :roll:

I’m not a lawyer & I did NOT sleep in a Holiday Inn last night, however by issuing a check to him, that is in effect a contractural obligation of some sort & an agreement between both parties.

If you can, call on another roofer that a local supply house might reccomend & offer this person some $$ to come & do quality control for you.

We also have other folks here on this site who are based in the New England area (you don’t state a town or anything specific) & while I can’t speak for them, if it was me I’d do this for you pro bono.

The reason I suggest some professional QC is you never know what other areas he might be cutting back on & you can’t rely on the city inspector to catch everything.

Yep, that was both of our faults. The thing happened very quickly, he put his trust in me and vice versa. Big mistake and lesson learned for the both of us.

All I can do is hope he returns to correct the problem and whether he takes it or not, I’m going to offer the difference in materials because I should have been more clear. If he doesn’t come back this weekend, I’m not offering anything other than what is on our SIGNED contract we now have.

By the way, RanchHand, I live in Massachusetts.

I thought Massachusets counted as the “New England” area…?

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Someone else here might remember the ID, but we do have a poster in this area IIRC.