Help! Roofer put wrong color shingles on our house

I am looking for advise. I ordered certainteed shingles from a brochure the roofing contractor brought to my house. It was medium to dark grey, varying shades. We were NOT told that the color we were choosing may not be what we get and that we should look at the actual shingles. There was no statement to that effect in the brochure we ordered from. The color of the shingles is so wrong. It is a monochromatic light grey and is very wrong for our house. The roofer admitted that it was not what we ordered, stated he would “make it right.” but then after he could not get Certainteed to pay for the shingles, he offered us a $1000 discount of the total cost of $8200. (Certainteed is providing half of that discount.) I don’t think we should pay $7200 for a roof that is not what we ordered. If it were close that would be different, but it is really not even close. Thinking it was just me I have asked lots of people what they think about this color looks, and they think it looks “okay” but would look alot better if it were darker. Any advise out there? We want a to be fair. BTW we have paid $4200 already

#1 post pics.

#2 its not really the roofers fault the color of the shingles in the catalog differs from the actual color of the shingles. so pay him.

this should be a dispute between you and the manufacturer, not you and the roofer. if you had ordered a red roof, and he installed a green one, i would say its his fault.

when picking colors of the shingles i alway bring a few shingles to let the home owner look at , i always get the shingles , but maybe you should have went to the supply house and picked them out yourself , pay the roofer , he has to be a good guy to offer you a 1000 off , i wouldn’t

Sorry to hear that willifac

You the homeowner should have done a little recon to your local supply store and looked at the display. Or you should have asked for and address of another roof with the same shingles applied so you could get a good look at them.
On the other hand the roofing salesman should have brought you a sample board to look at not a brochure.
He has offered you $1000.00 off the roof that’s most of his profit and he is not totally at fault.
I find for the defendant.

Thanks for the replies. My position is: Had I known there was any possibility that the singles they installed would not have been the color I selected from the COLORS THEY SHOWED ME, ofcourse I would have asked to see the shingles first. How on earth was i supposed to know if they didn’t disclose that? And I hired the roofer, not the manufacturer. The roofer has a dispute with the manufacturer. But the roofer did not fulfill his obligation to me. As a customer who may only buy a roof once in a lifetime, it is not a natural assumption that I would know to consult the manufacturer. And yes, he is a good guy.

Here is what it says on the CertainTeed Brochure.

  1. Think big-View a full-sized shingle, not just a swatch or a sample
  2. Be Real-Look at actual houses where the house / roof color combination’s are similar to what you’re considering.
  3. Watch the light –As you look, notice how the colors appear under changing light conditions and at various times of day.
  4. Consider the pitch – Look for roofs with a similar pitch to your own. A roof’s pitch affects the way you see it’s color.
  5. Ask your contractor – They might be able to point you to a home where they’ve installed a roof of your style and color.

It’s not ALL up to the contractor he is not totally to blame as I stated. I am sure the roofer left the brochure with you or maybe you signed the contract at the first meeting but did you read it? Did you go on the CertainTeed site?
Most printed brochure’s have a disclaimer that says something to the effect that colors shown may not be accurate because of the printing process. That goes with any brochure not just shingles.
Good luck

As far as I know, CT DOES have a dis-claimer on their color brochures. But since I admit to not seeing every piece of their literature, that is a rather worthless statement.

An experienced contractor should’ve helped you out here. Altho, we are all warned not pick the color for the customer, I many times do.

OTOH, I see a LOT of mis-matched colors anymore, and it is getting much worse, just like the workmanship.

Que Sera Sera

The “folder” I chose my color from did not say any of those things! Really, I still have it and have looked it over. It is just folder. The contracter had the responsibility to give me that information and I simply didnt have it! The atty we talked to said we didn’t have to pay anything, but we want to offer something fair.

I know when i painted my house we made damn sure it was the color we wanted,same would go for shingles,dont ya look before you fork over that much money on something,ssheesh,you picked it now pay him,he obviousley put the one YOU picked on…

As a matter of practice, we always provide sample boards to the Homeowner to choose from. I cannot imagine having the HO pick from a brochure. We also print out the Customer’s choice on the contract and have the HO initial it.

With that said, if the HO did choose from the brochure and the roofer put that brand shingle and that color on the roof, I fail to see how the HO could hold the roofer accountable. If the color didn’t adequately match the brochure sample color, at best, the HO’s beef would be with the manufacturer. Doing otherwise would be similar to holding the Pediatrician responsible for giving birth to an ugly baby.

Where are you located in the country is the roof going to stain from algae over time?What is the color you chose and what is the color installed also brand and shingle?

To help me understand. Did the contractor put on the named color you chose and it looks different or did he put a different named color on than what you chose?

Is the chosen color in writing?

sounds to me like the homeowner should have put more thought into his roof color selection. Not the contractors fault.I once had a nut lady tell me her black roof wasnt black enough. I had the Bird rep come out and straighten her out and then she paid us. Most likley she need to have her medication adjusted.

rooferJ you crack me up sometimes

I know the little folder/brochure you’re talking about, colors in it compared to the actual shingle will very. Heck shingles in a store look a little different than they do out in the sunlight.

  1. Did you order the material or did your roofer order it?

If you told the roofer you wanted Georgetown Grey and he ordered and installed Birchwood, you didn’t get what you ordered, NOT YOUR FAULT. Morally I would say pay him for labour, but not for the materials.

Now if you said “I want a grey roof”, and he installed a shade of grey you’re not happy with, that is your fault. Pay him.
If you ordered the materials then it’s your fault, mainly for not checking the material when it arrived.

This is why people hire Roofing companies, because they don’t know roofing. Homeowners are paying a pile of money to have someone do this for them.
Personally I can’t see how any roofer can call themselves professional if they EXPECT a homeowner to inspect all aspects of the process.

This might solve your problem.

Is the shingle the contractor installed the color of the shingle you agreed to when you signed the contract? I assume the contractor is smart enough to have the exact type listed (Example, GAF/ELK 30 YR HD Weatherwood) somewhere in the contract.

Or, is the shingle a different color then what you guys agreed to and he went and picked out his own shingle to put on?

A group of shingles together on a roof look a lot different than one or two sample shingles. Did you not do enough research and are trying to get out of paying for your own mistake?

willifac. just caught you post on the other thread re Solaris, so I’m assuming that these are the shingles in question. Is there a color specified in writing on the contract? If not, did you pick color ‘x’ from the brochure and did the roofer install color ‘x’ on your roof. Whether it is in writing or not - if you picked color ‘x’ and the roofer installed color ‘x’ then the problem lies with the manufacturer… That being said CT clearly states in their brochures what Stormer already has covered - there can be some variation. So unless the roofer installed color ‘y’ when in fact you picked ‘x’ then take the $1,000.00. Getting actual samples (full shingles not even the color boards) is tough when CT is only selling truck load shipments - but the attempt should have been made.


To be fair as you stated you wanted to be start with this.
1)determine who does the mistake belong to.
Is it on you for not doing more of your own research ( reason i say this is because if i was spending 8k I would have)?
Is it the contractors fault did he install the wrong color for example you wanted georgetown grey and he installed cobblestone grey?

Or is it on the manufacturer for misrepresenting the colors?

To be fair if your contract states a color name (which hopefully it should) and that is the color on your house then you need to immediately pay the contractor and contact the manufacturer. I don’t see how the contractor is at fault if you got the color you asked for.
If he screwed up and gave you the wrong color then he is at fault. Other wise the pay company for a job well done and contact the manufacturer.

To clarify, my husband and i picked from four pictures (they were no names, just pictures) that the roofer presented to us. We just pointed to the picture and said “this one.” Again, there were only 4 and they were all pretty different. The color name was not included in the picture or in the contract. The color installed was not just a slight variation in a shade. It was very different, (not just “not dark enough” or anything like that). The VP of the company looked at the roof and the picture and said, “That is not what you ordered.” and said that they would “make it right.” We live in Tennessee. The roofing company has already acknowledged that the shingles they put on are NOT what we ordered. I am not sure exactly what took place between the roofer and the manufacturer. I think the roofer ordered what he believed to be the name of the color that we wanted, and that is what they delivered and what was installed. And we live in Tennessee

Hate to say it but it is not the fault of the roofer, he should of brought you a sample or two but all brochures claim that the exact color is not guaranteed. Be thankful he is trying to help, he does not have to give you a red cent. :smiley: