Help- roofers scared to deal with AllState

Hi, I have a 15 year old house in GA (Atlanta metro area) with old style 3 tab roof. There has been massive hail /wind damage over the years. Every couple of years, there is a small leak and I end up getting a patch work on my expense. 80% of my subdivision has moved on to new architectural shingles. I got some estimates from a few roofers recently- all of them mentioned there is extensive wind (and some hail) damage to my roof. But as soon as I tell them - I have AllState, they all frown and advised that I will be better off just switching to another carrier and then filing a claim (hoping there will be another storm after I switch). Some of the water is leaking to the beading on my front porch. I get it, it can be patched. But how many patches will I get? I need a new roof.

what do you PROS here recommend? Should I file a claim with AllState? Considering if it gets denied, it will stay on my history and might affect me switching to another carrier. or should I switch (any recommendations - easily process claim) and then pray for a storm to file a claim.

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If you have substantial storm damage your insurance company will have to pay for a roof replacement (your policy covers damage). Have a reliable roofer on your side when the adjuster show up to inspect your property. If you get your claim denied you have the option to hire a third party company to do a further inspection of your roof and prove there is existing damage.

Try to get a roofer that is HAAG certified. Run away from those that don’t want to deal with all State, thats a red flag for non professionalism.

Again, this is my personal opinion and I hope it helps.



Allstate is tough but, they will approve replacement if it fails a brittle test! I’ve had tons of success going that route or using a PA (public Adjustor) to fight them!
Message me with details if you’d like my help.

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I didn’t do anything for allstate from 06-mid '14. The last two big roof claims with them where surprisingly very good. The one in '14 was a big steep roof and they paid my price. The one last Spring was also a big and low pitch roof and told the customer they had no hail damage as they were 20 year old 40 year laminate shingles. They filed a claim anyways and not only did they pay for the roof but they also paid my price in full. They had a claim a couple years prior with them that was horrible and they switched after filing the last claim.

Last year had a couple other carriers buy roofs that I told the customer they had no chance getting approved.

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Thank to all of you. Your encouragement gives me some confidence now. I just need to look for someone who is confident about what they do - to not say they are hesitant to deal with AllState. I got a roofer to look at my roof today, who feels confident - the claim will go through. He will give me written report by tomorrow to file a claim with All State. He did not mentioned the “brittle test”. I will remember to mention that to the roofer.
Thank you again!

Make sure the contractor meets with the adjuster. It’s not always a guarantee but it helps in most cases.

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Glad to hear you found someone not scared lol! Good luck and let us know how it works out!

Thank you, everyone. AllState approved my claim. A new drama though now. I will start a new thread on that - about getting advice on Front Porch roofing solution and gutter issues.

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are you a roofer. I’m in similar situation and need help

What’s going on with suckstate now? Lol

are you in georgia? I’m in grayson GA

I have the defective discontinued Atlas Chalet Shingle. I filed claim w/ allstate and they had also sent 2 adjusters and found 20 shingles wind damage, but only approved for repair, not replacement, which is under my deductible. What should I do now?

please enlighten me w any advice. should I fie complaint w GA insurance commissioner, will that do any good or worse?

Well it might eventually over time but no! What’s the issue?
Cal me
Craig 770-815-3758
Give me number ur calling from so I know to answer

I called you but n/a. I also left a msg

can I call you tomorrow

johnnypcrystal, can you please update? Have you had any success with Allstate?

I have the Atlas Alpine on my roof which has also been discontinued like the Chalet. I have filed 2 claims over the past 3 years. Both times they told me to repair it with the estimated cost below the deductible. They have also told me that it is Allstate’s policy to repair not replace. I had a roofer meet with the adjuster for the 2nd claim and they asked him to do a brittle test. He refused. I have until June 2017 to convince Allstate that my roof needs to be replaced. At the beginning of June it will have been 2 years since the claim and then I can not file suit/negotiate with Allstate.

I have letters from Atlas if anyone wants them for the Atlas Chalet and Atlas Alpine that state essentially that the manufacturer does not approve repairs for those shingles since there is no comparable shingle on the market that matches those dimensions. They will void warranty for all remaining shingles after storm damage and repairs. Referring to IRC code, chapter 9 for roofs, it states repeatedly that manufacturer guidelines/instructions should be followed. Allstate is violating building code.

I have finally negotiated for a half roof replacement but they want me to remove shingles from the replaced slope and use those to replace the damaged shingles on other slopes. Once you remove a shingle it is damaged because of the nail holes which will then double upon reinstallation; the area of the shingle will be reduced and thus weakened; the water tight seal will have been broken; and not to mention creases, cracks, and other damage that may be internal and not visible to the eye. Allstate and says that they do not cover poor workmanship or damaged/faulty material. So, if I do what they are asking and get hit with more storm damage, file another claim…you guessed it…it’s not insured. Allstate commits fraud on so many levels.

Also, I was able to negotiate with Allstate to replace half the roof by siting the case tried in the Georgia Supreme Court, Mabry vs. State Farm. It has to do with devaluation of property (auto or home). Essentially it states that in terms of replacing with “like kind or like quality” does refer to matching. The property needs to be restored to its former state before the damage occurred. If you can tell that a repair has been made, then the property has been devalued. Or even if it is not obvious that the damage ever occurred, the fact that auto was involved in an accident still devalues a vehicle. So, if the warranty for the remaining shingles has been voided, the home has been devalued. Allstate by law is responsible to replace the roof.

Hope this helps some one…

54 Roofs and only 5 approved by AllState.

I’ve had roofs with 90+ shingles damaged and the adjuster passes BT and denies the roof here in GA. I try my hardest to be respectful to the adjusters, I’ve even had Adjusters say “I may not agree with them, but I work for them” statements. I founds threats of hiring a Public Adjuster or an Engineer kills the deal 100% and they won’t even show for reinspects.

As far at Atlas shingles Allstate does everything they can to not have to approve them. paraense I’d love that letter if you would not mind emailing it to me.

Best of luck everyone with Allsnake :wink:

I often wonder why the other insurance companies buy roofs.
But not Allstate.
I gave up long ago, when someone has Allstate I apologize and explain that nothing will be done short of patching a few shingles.

The only issue I see with “giving up” is, if we are roofers/contractors leave them alone they win and we loose. The more we make them work the more they’re going to have to approve. Don’t be mistaken a class action lawsuit is coming and when it does all the passed/missed opportunities will turn around.