Help safety procedures

I was asked for my companies safety procedures, i have a small compapny and was never asked for this before, does anyone have one i can view.

If you go to you can usually find something very helpful there. I try to coordinate a toolbox talk weekly which dicusses how to set up ladders safely and items of that sort in my safety program. I can’t say that I have a written plan finished yet I am still working on mine.

Thank you, hopefully someone has one i can run with, i have a deadline for tomorrow and i still havent found one, roofing .com was my last hope.

Do you ahve to giv them somathing typed?
Just write oine yourself.
Its not that hard. Just make sure you add everything that you can possiblly think of and also be as technical as possible. I worked for this company called Geransky and there safety manual was huge.

make a mock job site observation sheet.
Those consist of.
is the job site clear of any debris
is it safe to work under the current wind conditions
is the any digging going on any wehre near the job site or huge excavation
is the roof in workable order, no loos sheets of plw wood
any other trade working below you, if so make sure you inform them that its there own duty to wear hard hats
these are the kinds of thing they might be looking for. These are saftey for the job site. That just off the top of my head. Add all the things that you can possibly think of.

Anther thing that you might want to do is let the contractor know that all employees have been check by monthly for tool box meetings. All thi is to make sure they have all the following
Saftey harnesses for all employees on the roof over ten feet.
all employees have full shirts and no cut offs or shorts.
All employees have steel toes. (That one just a formality. You dont actually hace to where steel toes. The site supervisers dont even where steel toes.)
the ladder is firmly located. If new roof the ladder must be nailed to the structure.
This all at the top of my head.
But ill try and find you a guid line you can print

Thank you thats a lot of good stuff, much apreciated for the help and future help…

this all i could find. Hope it helps.



  1. Purpose. The purpose of this document is to provide instructions and guidance for performing roofing inspections in a safe manner. These instructions do not apply to safety procedures for roof construction. They apply to inspecting, investigating, or assessing existing roof systems where there is no construction on going. For safety requirements regarding roof construction see UFGS section 01525 “Safety Requirementsâ€Â