Help. Shingles cracking

Are these shingles about to leak? Need replacing?
They have vertical cracks. 20170726_191430|281x500

If that is the worst you could find it will be ok for more than 5 yrs I’d imagine.

Funny thing, this roof was installed 07/12/2017.

While I don’t think they are gonna leak in the near future, it does appear that they were either cracked before they were installed or creased way to hard while they were installing them if they are cracking like that within a month of the install.

These are gaf timberline lifetime shingles. What should I do. Will the whole roof need to be ripped off?

No. A single shingle can easily be changed by an experienced roofer. Also the roof should be thoroughly checked for others, that way it can be resolved for good. P.s. “lifetime” shingles are nothing special, its just a marketing scam, they will still wear out in 20-30 yrs.

This being a new install I agree with Islandroofing that it is a crease as opposed to cracking.

How many spots on the roof like this are there?

There are 11 spots (shingles)