Help Testing Roof Waste Calculation Web App

Looking for a few Contractors that would like a free Roof Waste Report. The Roof Waste Web App has passed the first stage of development, we have a working version ready for testing. I’m looking for 5 to 10 Contractors who want to supply their company, Customer and roof data for one or more roof claims that are currently active. You can use the report just to see how it looks or better yet, use it to supplement to attempt to get the insurance company to pay the correct amount of materials. Or even better yet, to break out cap and starter as separate line items.

A sample report from a real life Customer is shown below that I used for our Company. Of course, I redacted the Customer info.

If you’d like your own report, email the following information to As an alternative, you can send me your company info and the Eagle View Report. I can transfer the data from the EV myself. The report results will only be sent to you and will be not be shared publicly. You’re welcome to if you so choose.

Company name
Company Logo in jpg format (optional)
Company Phone and Fax numbers
Company Street Address, City, State, Zip
The latest price per SQ for Replace Field Shingles (3 tab or laminated, whichever type is on the roof you’ll be sending)
Price for cap per LF
Price for starter per LF

Claim Number
Customer First and Last Name
Customer Address (Street, City, State, Zip)
Shingle type (3 tab or Laminated)
Valley type (Open, Closed cut - half laced, or woven)
Your roof complexity rating (1 to 5% - this is to account for crew handling error, more than average number of roof penetrations or an extraordinary cut up roof - I normally use 1 or 2%)
Roof type (gable or hip)
Roof Area
Valley Length
Ridge Length
Hip Length
Eave Length
Rake Length
Sidewall/Step Length
Endwall/Counter Length

Obviously, once the app is in operation, the User would register once and the company set up data would be saved.

I will accommodate the first 10 requests. You may request more than one roof per user if you wish, that will save me manually entering the company data.

This data is stored on a Secured Amazon server.

Thank you.

For those that wish to participate, here are some examples of how to put together your supplement email to attach the Roof Waste Calculation report to.

Well hey yeah, I’m willing. I used to be WittenConstruction. I would definitely be willing to go head to head with some carriers on this issue. I am seeing though, that AllState is best about paying correctly upfront. Have seen 12.8% waste paid plus ridge. Upfront too. But State Farm, I have two right now that “stand by their 10-15%” on roofs. No kididing, put it in writing for me. And I also have a pi symbol tattoo, so lets do some Maths. Just created this account today.

Glad to help. Just send me the information I requested and I will generate the reports for you.

Thanks Morgan, your roof waste calculation report was sent to you along with some suggestions for how to supplement the insurance company to gain approval. Good luck.

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Is it possible to calculate two different types of valley. As an example closed valley and open valley.

Sure. But the purpose of the waste calculation app is to calculate the waste on the existing roof. Now if you have a roof with some open and some closed, it presently cannot do that. I’ve seen that once or twice in 9 years but it could be more prevalent in some areas.

Clearly, closed valleys have around double the waste of open valleys. And woven valleys have double the waste of closed valleys.

Now if you’re question is, could the waste calculation app run two scenarios, one for open valley and one for closed valley, it certainly could.

Do have an idea when this will launch?

This week or early next.

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