Help with Flashing Install

Hello all

I just had a new roof installed and including a new Skylight.
However, I noticed the flashing on the side of the Skylight frame is not staggered with Shingle; just one row of metal flashings without any shingles stagger in between.

where all of the installation video on YouTube indicate it needs to be staggered.
is this bad? compromising the potential of leaking?

Also I was able to see “Lights” when I peak through the skylight frame mount from inside of the house.
If I peak through the side, I am able to see the sky (in between the shingle).
i assume the face that I can see the sky means warpping was not installed. Am i correct?
was watching the Velux installation guide, and the underlayment supposed to be cut 2-3" away from the frame before installing the wrap…

your comments are truly appreciated

That’s done incorrectly, each shingle should have a step flashing on top of the part that is covered by the next shingle. also they seem to have not installed and I+W up the sides of the curb. That’s why you are seeing daylight.

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In addition the wrapping of the skylight is necessary to prevent condensation.

Is the bottom of the skylight exposed metal (like it should be) or is it covered by a shingles for “looks”?

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As others have said the step flashing should be over every course of shingles, and the frame should be wrapped in butyl tape or ice and water. It appears they did not use a flashing kit and just used prefab step flashings. I would be most concerned with how they flashed the top of the Skylight.

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yes on the bottom part of the skylight, the metal is exposed

hi MPA… i am as concern also… this is what it looks like for the top part of the skylight

pls let me know if this looks correct


If it goes up under the shingles at least 12in., that is a good back pan for a field fabbed piece.

Part you can see looks good for aluminum.

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