Help with hip/valley 6/12 & 7/12?

I was hoping someone could tell me the best way to shingle this with 3-tabs. It is my grandparents old house and the main hip roof is all on a 7/12. They had this bedroom added and the guys who did it put a hip roof on it pitched at a 6/12. It created a valley/hip area that I want to make sure has no leak issues. I noted during the tear off that the first 5 courses were run straight through which included the starter, there was no flashing, & they run the 6/12 roof through the valley into the cap for the hip. I know there is not a lot of water coming through there but would this be the best way to do it? I wanted to put back flashing but do I really need it? Also, when they started the cap for the hip, it was up a few coarses before it started and it was sealed with sealant for the first couple of feet… I am attaching a few pictures and any help with this would be great!


Im no architect but why wouldnt they just follow the original roof line when they built the addition? I sat and looked at it and tried to visualize how it would be done without looking stupid… I would probably just run the shingles straight through and cap it. Im not really seeing any other way. I would definitely seal it as snow will for sure build up heavy there.

Cool, thanks man… I have no ideal why they did not other than they were hacks! They did the vinyle siding, decked the house with osb, and added on that bedroom. It is all a hack job. I am just going back like it was, first 5 runs straight through and then just valley in the shingles through to the hip, cut them, cap it, and I am going to seal under that side of the cap, no flashing as it’s not really even a real valley! Thanks again…

pictures like this make a roofer annoyed…wtf was someone thinking.

i have 2 or 3 ways i could do it…all as one section or 3 separate sections with a w valley comin out on top of the first 5 or so rows then H/R above the bottom of the w valley on up with a little zipper in between the 2 sections

if they’d have just matched the pitch, it would’ve been a single section

use some moisture guard with all of it just to be on the safe side…you have steepness on your side too…just don’t let water slide under any of your sections if possible.

[quote=“PhiMan”]pictures like this make a roofer annoyed…wtf was someone thinking.

Dude seriously, I must have looked at this for 45 minutes pondering WHY??
Im not even roofing this and I was getting frusterated. I think Ive only done one roof like this and im pretty sure we just ran em like I said. Im sure if i was there on the roof looking at it I could probably come up with another option but sometimes the KISS method is all thats needed.

ditto fourthcliff.


some 20 roll metal in the valley(closed) and roof it as 2 section if ou can keep your pattern :mrgreen:

b sure to nail the first few ridge pieces high and close to the hip :mrgreen:

Hi all,
Thanks for your help… I was able to run the first 5 coarses straight through, started losing space as they rolled over the hip so I rechaulked verticals and run up and back into the valley. I did use flashing, I also nailed high on the side of the cap, I was really worried about water jumping under the cap and into the hip cut so for the first 6 or so caps I sealed under each one, the went back and run a bead along the edge to knock the flow down… Looks good from the ground as tabs line up through the hip cap and are square, could not do much about the horizontal run since the pitch changed and I pulled off the same starter… Not worried about much except where the cap starts and up a few feet, hope its sealed…





VERY Nice!! Its like an art form, only you have to be a roofer to appreciate it sometimes…I try explaining things to my girl and I just get a blank stare…or a “neat” LOL

Ole Ax must have a bit of roofer in him! :slight_smile:

Nice looks good. I thought I was the only one who forgets to take the sticker off skylights!

Very nice, Axiom. Particularly like the choice of Grace I/W. Classy

Good roofin Axe!

Detailed pic to show exactly what the original poster needed.

What shingles are those? I havent used them.
Those would be great for lower pitch roofing.

looks like a certainteed wrapper,cap and tar strip.

I woulda left those nails out that are too close to the valley, NEVER ending my shingle IN the valley, but continuing with a full, leaving the pieces on the outside, but thats just me.

Thank you.

Those are Independence shingles, and they are a PITA to lay…

Aaron - those shingles go through the valley and over the hip, are you saying I should have ran them through even farther?
The nails that are too close to the valley are copper nails, I don’t like nailing that close to the valley either but this is an unusual situation.
If you look close you can see where I stopped running the shingles over the hip, the cap shows it.