HELP! with shady roofing company taking advantage of parents

Hello i will try and keep this as short as possible. 2800 sqft roof basic shingle roof.

Roofers were scheduled through home advisor to check the roof because the termite inspector recommended it. The roofing company came and spoke to my father and with 3 hours convinced him to sign a contract for 20k to replace the roof at 9pm also said he had to sign the wiaver of right to cancel in order to get a “discount”. Additionally 100% financed. They started work right away next day and then on second day said an additional 18k worth of work is needed. As soon as i found out about this I had them cancel the contract and stop work right away. Now after 1.5 days of work they sent an attorneys letter asking for immediate payment of 12k… i check BBB and they got a D rating, and yelp reviews indicate exact same scheme and sale pitch word for word “we have a project in the areas, share dumpsters and inspector, but need to start right away… etc…”

Couple of questions i have we are located in los angeles.

  1. the permit was pulled (express permit) but it was pulled by a completely different roofing company that we did not hire is that permit valid for this company to work on the house?

  2. how much is a reasonable amount to charge for strictly demo of the 2800 sqft roof and disposal of old roofing?. they did not remove the wood underneath the underlayment and shingles. i feel like 12k for 1.5 days of work is crazy.

  3. they said they would be filing a mechanics lien in the attorney letter with invoice soon. what next step should we do? really not sure how to approach this.

-my father did sign everything and he is not the sharpest tool in the shed… any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

I think you need to hire an attorney and tell them what happened.

They have a permit pulled.
They have legal rights against your property.
Get An attorney to negotiate it.
Give them as little as possible.

Id start off with 3 thousand and negotiate to 6 tops.
About 3k is about the amount id have invested for this.
His cost could be more or less.
But no matter what an attorney needs to make the deal because these guys are slimy and dangerous.


well the permit was pulled by a different company does that matter? completely difference license number then the company my parents signed a contract with.

also what kind of attorney would you get for this?


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This is why I personally ask the homeowner if there is a relative I could speak with if I feel they are not fully competent to make big financial decisions. I do not want anyone to think I misled an elderly person.

A business law attorney should help. The one we work with knows the ins and outs of contracts and protecting the contractor/customer. Where are you located?

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Whether that matters as a violation of law might depends on your local law. It is however shady sounding and thus good ammo for your lawyer.

Found this via googling, it’s a start; Construction Dispute Lawyers | LegalMatch

Los angeles they company just was very scammy and multiple reviews state it, i just wish parent connected with me first…

Get an attorney. Did they offer a3 day right of rescission? If not, contact not likely good if taken to court. I would think demo wouldn’t be more than $75 per square. Even at $100 per square, you’re looking at $2,800.

yeah get an attorney. im assuming materials was included in the 20 grand. was there any materials to tear off or was the termites holding hands.