Help with shingle choice

I am doing a simple 12/12 gable roof in Wisconsin on a modern home. The home design calls for a minimal look.

The budget doesn’t allow for a standing seam metal roof, which would have been the simplest look.

The owner likes the geometric/squared off look of “slateline” and 3-tab shingles, but wants a solid black color. The shingles can’t have that “splotchy” multi-tone look. Shingles like the camelot, timberline standard architectural, are too busy.

Any suggestions for manufacturer and color code of a shingle that would work for this? Quality solid black 3 tab or something like the slateline which is solid black?

I don’t know of any manufacturers that make a non-blended color for their asphalt shingles.

When you say non-blended do you mean on the level of the granules where “charcoal” is really black and gray granules or do you mean the overall color scheme with random light patch areas?

Certainteed moire black

Most unattractive charcoal on the market!
You’ll love it!

Some architectural styles call for a design that is as simple looking as possible, where irregular textures and color variations would make the overall design busy. A plain black roof on a lot of designs would look too plain, on a modernist design it isn’t plain enough.

I have seen the Moire black but the color looks to vary between models with some examples looking patchy.

Oh, you must be near a Certainteed plant where they still continue to make the moire black look awesome and the best looking charcoal on the market…

Unlucky me.

I live in florida and the moire black is dull and unattractive as hell. Color looks the same through out the shingle.
What you are looking for.

Am I missing something here? Did they change this color?

I get it, you don’t like solid black roofing…

Certainteed ,Grand Manor,Black Pearl

Timberline’s natural shadow line, about as flat a colour as you can get.

Sharing one roofing shingle gallery page here:
Hope it might help you to select the right shingle.

Apparently different versions of shingles made around the country. Moire Black made at the Shakopee plant is far from monotone in color.

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