Help with Shingle Color - Florida Home

Hello we are new to the forum. We are in the process of hiring a contractor to reroof our house and need help selecting the shingle color. The contractor will be using Certainteed Landmark shingles.

What color shingle do you recommend for a yellow house with white trim? Siding is hardy board. I would like to use a lighter shingle color ,such a medium gray, to reflect the heat from the sun. Which gray would best? Pewter, Colonial Slate, or Driftwood?

Thank you!

I think the Colonial Slate would be perfect color choice. There is this post I read recently from Houzz about yellow house designs you can check the post. Here’s the link

If your attic is properly ventilated it does not matter what color you use. The old reflect the heat theory seems to make common sense, however it is as mythical as the unicorns and the mermaids. The difference of temperature in the attic due to roof color is ever so slight. In my 30 years of seeing what roofs look like before, during and after a new installation, A yellow house looks best with either BLACK or DARK BROWN.

I like green on a yellow house.

My house is yellowish and I put on Certainteeds Georgetown Grey, with black Mountain Ridge cap over Lomanco Omni ridge vent. Black gutters make it look even better.

All of our answers mean the same thing I tell my clients when they ask this question. It does not matter what I think. What do YOU think? The price will remain the same no matter the color and you’re the one who will be here to see it.