Help with xatimate

Hi all.

Just wanted to see if someone could send us Xatimate pricing on a few specifit line items. We use Symbility because it pays better in our area.

Athens, GA Sep19 price list

Copper Drip edge
Copper chimney flashing (large)
Copper open valley metal

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!!

Need zip code, that’s what Xactimate prices off of.


Thank you
Need more at lease twenty characters

Copper drip edge $8.47/LF
Copper chimney flashing large $767.37
Copper valley metal $18.28/LF


Copper step flashing
Copper straight mill flashing

Alao if you wouldnt mind these line items too please.
Not sure if straight mill fashi g is a line item

Is that labor and material, or just material price?

That is the total line item price so it would include labor, material and whatever other cost items Xactimate includes in the line item.

Im pretty sure the line item in Xatimate its labor and materals…

AD, please advise if im mistaken

That’s too cheap. Copper is 129.00 my cost per 36 x 120 sheet. By the time you slit and roll form, or hand break a sheet of valley, there’s no money left for labor. At least in this area lol

I’d suggest if you’re going to do insurance work, purchase Xactimate. And if you’re going to request something, do it all at once so you don’t waste someone’s time.

Step flashing - copper $18.38/LF

Straight copper mill flashing is not a line item

14" copper flashing is $10.97/LF
Copper Cap flashing is $32.51/LF
Copper Counterflashing is $9.54/LF

That’s it, good luck.

We rarely use Xactimate pricing for copper as you are correct, it is almost always lower than existing market conditions. We get bid pricing and either add mark up or Overhead and Profit, then submit. That has generally worked just fine.

What area are you in??

I own Authentic Restoration. We have permanent offices in Indianapolis, IN, Birmingham, AL and Raleigh, NC.