Hey, all just a few questions

First off hello everyone. Been reading on here for a couple years but thought I would sign up and use the free advise. Well a few questions I have are, how many of you own gutter machines and standing seam formers? We’re do you get steel for standing seam? I mostly do shingle roofs but am expanding. Have been in business two years and growing quickly, just looking for ways to expand and we are starting to get more steel roofs. Also do you guys order from lumber yards or like wholesale distributors, I’m sure we all feel this way but materials are getting out of hand? I live in northern Minnesota. I’m a young guy with a long way to go so I’m open to any advise except to find a new career…
Justin M
Integrity roofing llc

Have both i get gutter coil from gutter suppliers and i get my roll former coil from several outlets but im on the gulf coast so no help to you

I don’t see the value in purchasing a $30k machine and another $10k on a pan former when my supplier will provide the equipment n a job by job basis.

$700 a month payment on a $40,000 loan won’t be easily made if the machine is not regularly used. When the machine is not making money, your other “divisions” will be making the payments. Winters can be long even in Minnesota.

What is the potential cost saving? How much is say 20" coil steel?? Per foot. The cheapest I can get 16" standing seam is close to $2 per foot. Seems like a lot to me? Mabey I’m just not in the loop yet? I don’t know what other people are charging but I just got done with 60 sq and I know now that I bid it to cheap. Just wasn’t enough profit for the time spent, but that was classic pro rib cut up and some steep. I know what I need to charge for shingles but just getting into bigger steel. And a gutter machine seems like a no brainer. NOt much competition with just gutters let alone sales after roofing.

I bought both of mine from auctions for a lot less then they were worth,gutter maching is 6 in knudsen for $2,500.00, roof former from roll former corp 18,000.00 both like brand new

Probably from an overachieving roofer’s failure.

I am currently roofing a brand new country club in South dakota. The framing crew is Integrity out of Sioux Falls. Are you there normal roofer? They were telling me about you the other day. 90 to 120 jobs per year with 3 guys. Sounds a lot like my crew/business.

I have tossed around the idea of getting a gutter machine. Not sure if i would need another enclosed trailer for that or not.

Unfortunately that’s not us, about the same size crew. I’m in minnesota and have worked in north Dakota… Minot area for another contractor, commercial standing seam. Otherwise mostly shingle roofs. Some residential steel as well but that’s newer for us…