Hey guys

Recently i got to work on a job togheter with southsidejohnny he is a really nice guy and i am glad to have hooked up with him via roofing.com .

Reminded me of the buddies i have here .

Ill probably stop by a little more often :twisted:

Hope everyone is doing good.

I am wondering how things are here this days ??

Is it the same roofing specifications competitions , Or are the big boys getting along ??

Nice to have you back. Maybe you can cheer my miserable azz up! Hehe, nah, jk. I’m not roofing right now and I’m mad at roofing, but I’ll probably be back. I really do love roofing. I know you do too.

No sweat man here the last year has been very miserable for residential roofing since we had a really dry weather .

Most roofing contractors keep agreeing of not seign such slow season on more then 20 years … But i know there is another side to the coin for good times are coming .

I just got tired of complaining and found out it was all negative and didnt accomplished nothing .

Last week my little boys B-day party today was a trip to Sea-World and tomorrow my Daughters First Comunion at her church , And i am here to be with them in this times I cant ask for anything more.

Funny as i went to my pm box since i havent seen it in a while check out what i got there .

Ill keep this roofers ID off for now :


Everyone is in the same boat as i can see

This year bad indeed. Things will get better, I’m just doing what I got to do, I got a plan… somewhat! I took some huge setbacks last year, but I’m going back to do it myself after I save a few bucks again. I’m just going to invest all of my money in equipment and work 80 hours a week if I have to. If thats what it takes. I’ll figure something out. I think we all will. If we’re here, roofing is our lives, like it or not. Sometimes life has its own way of keeping us humble.

We’re supposed to get the motherload of all noreasters here in New England, I don’t know if I can watch this as a spectator. They’re talking Noah’s Ark rain here. 100 year historical marks. No way in hell I can watch this as an outsider. I need to roof!

You back Q???

Q old Buddy, nice to see you’re still alive!!

hello Q
nice to eya.
still workin the site, cant keep up sometimes.
give a whatup to southside.
i think last year and most of this year has damn nere killed us all.
the housing market crashed were im at.
lucky for me spendin my whole life in my hometown got me a few jobs
when there werent none.

the recent rains across the country are surly helpin.
things are pickin up for me.

so mabye we will get to see more photos posted now hmm?

eya later.


hopefully the nor`easter will perk up business for responsible roofers