High rise roofing in California

We will be obtaining estimates for a re-roof of a 20 story high rise in Southern California. The existing roof is a 4-ply BUR over rigid insulation, concrete and a steel deck and is surfaced with gravel. We need estimates for replacing the same system. What sort of prices should we be looking for on either a square or square foot basis?

talk to david looney at geroofs.com.
or tarheelroofing.com
he can answer all your questions.


I specialize in projects of this type. I will design a system around your budget while ensuring a California compliant roof system. Im located in your area. Please call me for more info. Sam 949 378 4520

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Yeah, get a qualified consultant on your side, and make sure you get a 20 year spec and warranty because the materials ant but afraction of the cost of the roof, and you dont want to have to perofrm another such operation before the 40 year mark.

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Dont feel bad sam i have not gotten a call in weeks. Ok 7 since novmber. Sorry for the mis quote. Some asshole will not pay for adverising this year. I need to find another place to work fast.

Hey you guys keep saying work is dead. California and Hawaii are cranking and both have a severe shortage of workers and contractors with workers. Im on a project in Maui right now that is 500000 sf at least. They need Carpenters, electricians, EIFS, Streel framers, operators, laborers. Not a bad place to spend the spring .