Hinged Louvre Gable Vent? Not A Powered One

Hey guys, maybe you know of a resource for me to help out a DIY on another forum.

She has a whole house fan which is not performing to full capabilities due to not having enough ventilation square footage to allow the blower motor to expel all of the air pumped into the attic.

She knows that it blows more adequately if the hatch door is left open, so it is a matter of not having enough exhaust portals.

I figured that if she installed a gable vent, but with hinged louvres, it would open up enough square footage for the exhaust to blow out when the motor was turned on, but not allow air to enter and short circuit the continuous intake and continuous exhaust from her ridge vent.

Are any of you familiar with such a product, a Hinged Gable Louvre Vent without a motor?

Please provide a link if you are.


If anyone is interested in viewing the entire thread, please use this link.

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google.com/search?hl=en&safe … tnG=Search

Thank you Tar Monkey,

I passed that link and one of the results to the DIY’er that was seeking that information.