Hip roof, insulation and vented drip edge

I have a hip roof and soffits. I’ve got what should be adequate soffit vents around the house, but they’re all blocked with insulation, which is filled to the tops of the ceiling joists.

I’ve also had several roofers suggest vented drip edge as something to go with the new roof they’ll install. The thing that I don’t understand is, if my soffits are blocked and full to the ceiling joists, how is VDE going to help? Wouldn’t it suffer the same blockage? Or am I just not getting something about the way that corner, or VDE, works?


you sound right on target to me,get into the attic,use a broomhandle??,and try to force raftermate thru to the soffit,if you can do that it`ll take care of the problem :wink: