Hip roof ventilation question

My house has a separate hip roof section. The section is 28’ x 28’. It has a very low pitch. Ventilation is passive with 9” soffit vents around the perimeter and 2 exhaust vents on each of the 4 sides of the roof. I intend to close off the passive exhaust vents (to free up space for solar panels) and add a power vent - 1500 cfm. Will this provide appropriate ventilation?

You need to post an image or two.

Nothing pulls/ moves air better than a power vent.

Exactly how old is this roof?

Not sure of age as I bought house last year. I’m guessing I may have about 5 yrs left though I had about a 15’ ft triangle flip over intact with high wind gust this spring. I’ve decided to replace shingles in anticipation of adding solar panels this year.