Hip Roof with offset addition in center - please help

I am trying to figure out how to shingle (3-tab) a hip roof with a new addition in the center of it that is offset a little to the right. I cannot think how to make sure the shingles line up when they meet each other at the point where the new addition stops. Should I do one side of the hip and then shingle ‘down’ the other side? Confused.

Follow the existing shingles.

For a more detailed answer post a picture or 3.

How far is it from the top of the addition to the ridge? If there are enough courses going over the top you can run the shingles over the top of the addition, all the way to the ridge and over a ways. Then snap a couple lines through the MIDDLE of those flutes down to the bottom courses if any or to the metal and start running from there.

I agree with Axiom. I think i know what your talking about but the addition is where im worried. Is there a steep slope transtions to a flat or smaller pitch? Need to know this stuff. Give us some pictures. I always snapped lines when i did 3 tabs. Depending on situation i would start at the corner or rack it up and over. Just depends 3 tabs you can go either way if you know how to snap lines and follow them. If you are using a really low grade shingle your going to be introuble since the edges will not match in length therefore throwing the rain lines off all over the place as you go up and side to side. Please post some pictures so where know what you have going on. If not good luck


This pic is basically what I was encountering. I shingled up the left side of the main roof to the valley of the new addition and when I reached the peak of the new addition, I had to start shingling down the right side of the new addition on the main roof. Then I just snapped my valley lines and cut the overlaped shingles to finish. Shingling ‘down’ rather than up is a little trickier with 3-tabs. It was time consuming, but it turned out nice.

so if your wounderin if you did it rite then,
uh, yeah, you did a good job.


Next time pull down from your main ridge some number and pop a line that clears the ridge of the addition all the way across. Shingle one side. Start shingling other side and as you get close just pull out your tape and check how far you are from the line and adjust as needed as you get closer.
I pop a line for my first course of felt from the ridge. We felt in top down, and be sure to stay on the line with each course. When we shingle we use the lines on the felt to stay straight. Works like a charm.

That house needs some windows, maybe some landscaping…

and whoever roofed it forgot to cap the hips