Hip shingle question

Hello everyone, I went up on my roof today and noticed that all of the hip/ridge shingles look like cut 3 tab. Several of them have jagged edges and pieces taken out of them from what looks like a sloppy cut. Should I replace the shingles that look like this or is it just an aesthetic issue? Thank you in advance!


From that pic I can’t tell if they are cut 3tabs or the manufactures caps (which snap into pieces). Honestly, i’d just Leave it alone.

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You are mistaken.
Those are dedicated hip and ridge pre-cut shingles.

They were sloppy when breaking the bundle apart.
They didnt fold the shingle well enough on the pre -cut line and these missing chunks happen as a result from pulling them apart too soon.

The roof is still completely functional.
I wouldnt have installed it like that.
But it is not going to hurt anything.


Thank you guys for the help. I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at. I didn’t realize some cap shingles you had to break apart, but that definitely makes me feel better about it.

Those look like the correct ridge cap shingles (which come as 3 connected) that were carelessly broken apart. It’s probably just a cosmetic issue, but if they were that careless with something that is so visible, what else were they careless about? I’d take a closer look at the rest of the roof before accepting their work.

We’ve all had that happen. Possibly due to the weak perforations at the factory…

The ones we get these days often tear like that even if you break them properly.