Historic Tin/Steel Roof Leak through Windows

We have a historic house with a tin-plated iron/steel roof built in 1910.

We are having a water leakage problem in three of our windows. Three roofers have looked and attempted to fix this but no success yet? See Images below. We just had new gutters installed but still have water coming into the windows below the roof, pictured below. All three windows have a drainage system like the one pictured above the window. No visible holes in the roof? We have attempted to place Acryamax on the top roof around vents and any rusty spots but still no luck solving the problem?


Any advice would be appreciated. :thinking::grinning:

Also, Here is another image of the roof directly above the windows. There is some sort of drain system from the roof about here.

Its possible that the drains connect to a pipe that has rusted out. Can you access that pipe to find out? I hope you are able to fix the issue. Those old terne (tin) roofs are way better quality than most roofs these days and I find it such a shame when people tear them off and replace them with something inferior.

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My guess is the leak is where the rake dives into the metal roof or where the metal roof meets the siding.

In my area we have lots of those roofs and they are extremely well done. All seams are double locked (hips/ridges/valleys) and where the seams meet walls they are dressed down and turned up the wall (like a built in flashing). I’ve got some serious respect for the guys who did them (and did them with out all the modern tools.

I suspect the leak is either the drain, or some inexperienced guy went up and caused an issue somewhere.

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Thanks for all the tips. We definitely want to keep the roof. Not many people know much about these roofs in our area though. Can you tell me more about these type of drains? The drain looks like it is built into the upper roof sections an then drains onto the green metal? What is a rake?

We have three of these on our roof, all three above a window. All three windows leak?:thinking:

Thanks so much!

There are very few people who know much about these roofs these days. Most just wanna rip them off and replace them. I honestly don’t know a single roofer in my area other than myself I would trust to repair one properly. Where are you located? Maybe post something in this group Log into Facebook | Facebook it a group that still does the old school style of standing seam, many even know far more than me. Maybe you can find a member in your area who can look at it for you.

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Any better pictures of the drain you are referring to?

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Are you sure its not the windows themselves that are leaking? Were the windows properly head flashed? Are the windows wood windows with the wood frames in good condition and the glazing has been maintained?

Just asking.

Are there storm windows? I have seen many mysterious leaks caused by weep holes in storm windows being clogged or painted over.