Hitachi roofing nailer problems

i just bought a hitachi roofing nailer (used) and for some reason its shooting nails backwards out of the gun. brand new coils and all oiled up it will not send a nail straight out from the barrel unless u reset the nails evry nail. i cant see anything wrong with it but i dont use the hitachis often. has anyone ever had this problem befor and been able to fix it?? plaz help. thanks

Its used. I would bring it to a local repair shop. I’ve decided that fixing things I know nothing about are better left to someone who knows something. If you can be roofing while they fix it, odds are you’ll come up on top dollar-wise even after you pay them.

Sounds like a broken feed pawl spring.
They cost about $1.50.

Get a Hitachi o-ring kit aka hork, clean and rebuild the gun.
If there is something mechanically wrong it should be obvious.

Check the driver, if it is rounded it needs a new one, or you can very carefully grind it flat again.
If you choose to grind it don’t let it get hot, it will lose its temper and can shatter.

I agree with Axiom used hitachi only since 1989.only problem feeder pawl&spring