Home Improvement Corner

So here’s a handy time saver. We do a lot of remodeling on our house. Trying to keep up with the Jones I guess. Well every time we find a good contractor it’s nearly impossible to get them again, well unless you book them months in advance. I found this site, www.homeimprovementcorner.com, the offer a service where they will hook you up with a contractor, it’s a free service, they don’t spam you or ask for credit card info or anything. Anyway, they say that they prescreen all of their contractors, they all have at least 3 years experience, are licensed and bonded and best of all they are available and local. We have used their service on two different projects, a bathroom a sunroom. Two different contractors, the prices were reasonable, and the work was great. They have contractors for virtually everything, roofing, windows, doors, siding, etc. I highly recommend it.