Home Owners Coverage For Flat Roof Issues Please HELP!

[font=Garamond][/font] I am a single mom I bought a house last February. It’s my first home so I am very new to how the whole home owners insurance thing works. I will add I have had nothing but hell since I moved in. Just complying to their every whim. Had to remove over hanging branches, Replace so many things…Remove a slide to my pool. Real pain in the neck to speak kindly. Short story long. I am now being told that they will cancel my homeowners insurance by March 2, 2013 if I do not convert my flat roof on my sun room to a pitch roof. Be it Gable or Hip they do not care it just has to sit at 6". The basic issue here is that it is an enclosed area. Mostly windows barely any wall support at all. And the lower portion of the room is brick. It’s a half wall. I have a friend who can basically do all the work for me I just have no idea what materials would cost for such an endeavor. I measured the room using foot to foot since I do not even own a tape. Either way it is around 15’x15’ in size. Can anyone here give me suggestions? And changing insurance companies is not an option due to cost per month ratio.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Heather,

I’m sorry to hear of these troubles you’re having.

I think it is illegal on the part of Ins. Co. to require you to do such changes. I would contact state insurance commissioner and file a complain against the company.

I am not a lawyer however, so you may want to see legal advise. Also I would recommend carefully reading your ins. policy, to see if there are any mentions about this absurd request.

We installed flat roofs on many sun rooms and many even have roof decks on top, and never hear of anything like this. As long as it meets building code, I do not see how the can force you do convert flat to sloped roof.

Good luck

Great! Thanks for responding! I really appreciate the advice. I will take action on reporting them. I read over the policy and there is nothing stating that they can do this. Again thanks! :slight_smile: Have a great day!