Homeowner needs help evaluating quotes

I’ve been reading up on asphalt roof options to be sure I hire the right contractor and get good results without paying too much. Now that I’ve got a few quotes I have some questions.

One roofers quote includes two items I’m not sure about:
First he recommends re-wrapping the fascia boards which are currently wrapped in aluminum. No one else suggested this. Does that sound right?

Second, he says that since I have solid vinyl soffits there is a an excellent chance that there is some wood covering the soffit also and that would have to be removed when the vented soffit is put in. Does this sound right? It seems like no one is able to tell until they pull of the vinyl soffit.

His estimate is the highest and is about 18% higher than the next bid even after I called and asked him why at which point he lowered it by 8%

Another roofer suggested a vented drip edge as a lower cost alternative. Do these work well?

“Another roofer suggested a vented drip edge as a lower cost alternative. Do these work well?”

We use the Ever-Flo eave vents and yes they work great. Which is probably what he was talking about.


As far as the quotes you are getting I can’t really say. I’ve seen many people ask for advice on quotes here but it’s so hard without actually being on site; there are just too many x-factors. As a general rule I will say this, some quotes will be high and some will be low but most of your reputable contractors wil be some place in the middle.
As far as choosing a roofing contractor check their references. Our sales people always hand out good sized reference packages to potential clients.

I think this is the one he mentioned:

airvent.com/homeowner/produc … edDE.shtml

He did say he would cut back the roof deck and I would need to move up to larger 6" gutters to make this work.

I have never used that one but I don’t like the look of the design. Keep in mind the gutter will go directly underneath the slotted vent area. I’d be too worried about it during the cold months due to ice damming. The Ever-Flo vents from underneath, nothing is getting in there.

I agree with tar monkey. I only use the everflow intake vent here in Michigan. I often easily get the jobs when others quote the vented drip edge. On the old pamphlets the very first bullet point says to not use the vented drip edge with gutters. The new ones they changed but I still ahve the old ones to show the homeowners. Everflow makes much more sense in climates where ice and snow are present and prevelant.
Never ever had a call back on the everflow.

The roofer that suggest the vented drip edge is the only one of 4 who did so and he did say you need to use the larger 6" gutters to cover it.

The other roofers don’t recommend this approach. They either want to cut into the wood soffit($$$) or add small 2" holes every 18" which normally I wouldn’t think is enough ventilation but I do think there are gaps between the soffit and fascia boards so maybe this is enough.

go w/ the guy who`s only 10% higher now,he has to rewrap the fascia because it would be removed so he can change solid panels to vented as necessary(+cut holes),you onl;y have to remove all the wood if the soffit is secured to the bottom of the rafter tails,w/a boxed soffit usually you only remove every 6th or 8th one cut a vent hole and put a vented panel in as replacement,w/ an actual soffit already existing i would go that route as the gutter screws would have more purchase into the wood fascia

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