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I came across the forum and thought I could get more informed answers to a question I had regarding my roof replacement. I recently had my roof approved for replacement in Dallas, TX. I am working with a local contractor and his estimate is higher than my insurance carrier adjusters price. The adjuster is giving me and my contractor a bit of trouble in accepting my contractors estimate which is more in line with the other contractors bids I received prior to even filing a claim. I went with the contractor because he suggested I file a hail storm claim instead of paying out of pocket. The adjuster states that unless my contractor is a public adjuster he does not have to discuss the claim with him and that he (adjuster) has paid more than enough to get my roof replaced. My contractor is arguing that ice and water shield, ridge shingles, drip edge and starter shingles which the contractors says I have on my roof should be included in the insurance payout. Is this the case in Dallas? Can my contractor discuss my claim if I have signed paperwork saying I am ok with this? In all honesty I don’t know squat about roofs so I am trusting a roofing expert to make sure I am getting a good deal. I feel that the estimate I got to replace my roof is paying lower than it should. The 4 other contractor estimates are pretty much within $500 -700 from each other vs $2300 (insurance difference in payout). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Van Sheridan

I am sure this is something one of our members Ray from ALLTEX will square you away with since he is a Texan.( :shock: ) just kidding.The guys a miracle man.

But I have the same type of Senate Bill banning/barring contractor negotiations.Your contractor isn’t necessarily “Negotiating” on your behalf,he is merely discussing what it takes and requires to install a roof that conforms to HIS workmanship warranty.

To successfully achieve a maximum workmanship warranty every component affected by the hail or any area that has to be manipulated for installation should be addressed.I tell the adjusters,hey I am only looking out for your client.I am giving them a top notch service and need these issues addressed otherwise my workmanship warranty that has worked for me since I went into business is useless.And if these components are not going to be replaced or manipulated then that is telling me you don’t want your client to have a quality installation nor a reliable warranty.

As far as pricing ? I have one I am under contract with right now who had the adjuster say he is $2200 above a couple others who will do the job for what we are paying.I have the adjuster to within $650 of my $2200.Once I started referring to the workmanship warranty and some ethics the mood changed and we are now starting to have an agreement.Not on price,but what it takes to do my job properly and offer a solid warranty for their client.